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A ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ !!!



Blogging is something I am new to but completely in love with! I had no idea of the blogosphere (as it is called) and the wonder of talent within it. One of these talents is Sueju Takeshi the awesome writer behind Takeshi’s Flight!! He has just  nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, which I humbly accept 🙂 Go check out his blog for creative writing, fiction, non-fiction, poetry…really he beautifully writes it all.


Thank you very much!!



The rules for accepting this award are simple.

1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog.

2. List the rules and display the award image.

3. Include 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.  This is a way to introduce others to bloggers that you love.

5. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.


Ok, fact time, here are 7 about me.

1. I love rescuing senior pets from animal shelters. I am a huge advocate for giving a home to pets in need. We recently adopted Lacy a 8 1/2 year old Saint Bernard weighing in a 145 pounds. She is a beautiful addition to our family.

2. I have never sung Karaoke! Never-Ever!! It is terrifying. I would rather jump out of an airplane, with a parachute of course!!

3. I once worked on an organic farm. Harvesting veggies, washing them, packing CSA boxes and even selling the produce from a roadside stand. I loved it. Being that close to the earth and your food is a wonderful connection to make. We just started our first organic garden here at our house.

4. I have an online soap business Tea Tree Soap Co. where I sell the soap I make, cut, and wrap by hand. It is a labor of love (and loathing at times) but it’s really nice to not have bought soap for over 7 years!!

5. I have always loved writing, ever since being chosen to attend a ‘young authors conference’ when I was 7 years old. Jasper Tompkins was the featured author. I now read his books to my daughters. I have decided to give some time to my writing.

6. Being a mom is a lot harder than I thought. It is also more rewarding, lovely and humbling too.

7. I love cooking shows but make the simplest dinners possible.

And now for my nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award!!!

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You are all lovely bloggers who deserve this award. I hope this brings more readers your way and a sense of appreciation for all the work you put into your blogs! *There is no time limit to passing this award on to others.

Keep posting!!  ~Megan




My first magazine article submission…

Ugh! I just submitted an article to a magazine hoping to be considered for publication. The “Ugh” is because I just re-read it again for the 3 thousandth time and noticed an error. Two others had read it multiple times as well and the error wasn’t noticed. But it’s there. A shift from the plural to the singular. From a their to a her. It’s in the first paragraph. If I were an editor I wouldn’t read the next 1,000 words. I am bummed out. Nothing like a strike out first time at bat.

I guess that’s the thing. You take a chance, you finally decide that your writing is ready to send. You can only adjust and cut and move and paste so many times before the time is there to throw your hands into the air then slowly reach down and hit the submit button. Breathe in and out. I guess I should be proud that I actually hit submit. I know that there will be more times I attempt to have any writing published.  It is  a journey that I am prepared to take, to learn from mistakes and missteps and even mis-submissions.

Blogging is my practice to do what I would like to do for real. I think most bloggers share that dream. I know there will be many rejections where my pitch or my style or tone is not what is being looked for, but I’m hoping at some point it will be the right fit. Cinderella’s glass slipper in the writing world so to speak. I will wait for the messenger to come to my email inbox with the official invitation and I will be over-joyed. Just like being invited to the ball. The invitation to write will be that sweet. To see it in print will be the icing on the cake.

I have patience. I have 8-10 weeks left to wait to hear from the magazine I submitted my article to. I have that long to also find other magazine and topics that interest me and work on some pitches and write-ups. This is a forever process. At least I noticed the mistake myself. It will be easier to swallow if I hear a ‘no’ for this one. Until then I will keep writing and I will keep proof-reading. Obviously I need to re-read my writing 3,001 times and have more than two others read it as well. What are mistakes but opportunities to learn.

Any takers for the job? 🙂


Walking the Rails….

I was uncertain, but I kept going. It was pulling me along, the draw of walking that rail. Arms out to the side, head held high, eyes looking into the distance. It was a personal contest of balancing skill, but also  a mindless wandering where the scenery changed with every bend in the track.

With each step it pulled me further and further along. There would be no turning back.  At least until my foot slipped braking my meditative journey.  Bringing me back to reality…..but until then I was going to follow the track wherever it lead. It had me.

It was exciting, the feeling of the unknown. Would there be a new town or another beautiful field. It was peaceful walking along, not having to think of the right direction. The old track was the path and to stay on the rail was the goal.



Vacation brain….

I wonder if it’s possible to have too much to write about that it all becomes a jumble of nouns, verbs…adjectives connecting and running together? Or it’s just vacation brain. That’s also highly likely. We’re about 23 days in to our trip and my brain has turned to mush. I’m sure it’s the sand, the sea and the copious amounts of ice cream to blame. That and being on sensory overload with the culture, language change and 100 % of my time being spent with my family. I also miss home just a bit…

Of course that is the point of a vacation but boy is it fabulous & exhausting!! We are even sleeping with the kids, a divide and conquer method that has proven to be a great solution for insuring our children sleep but not such a great one for us. We can’t sleep. The girls are terribly wild sleepers and I’ve determined I should sign then up for modern dance or martial arts. We have bruises when we wake up in places we didn’t know were bruise-able and half the night is spend holding onto a hand or a foot to ensure the next half hour won’t end with a blackened eye.

I have the starts of so many write ups that I can’t wait to get home to start trying to organize them. The culture, the food, the islands and the beaches. All the new experiences for my daughters and how travel changed for us now that we have children. Travel tips with kids that we have figured out. Generation and cultural connections and differences. Dietary challenges in other countries, laying not with the food options but in the culture. These are just a few of the topics waiting to be taken from notes to final drafts.

This trip has opened a new door for our family that will circle around travel which we all seem to adapt to well and truly love. My daughters are already excited to plan our next big trip and have proved to be amazing travelling companions! My husband and I are thrilled! We can’t wait to see the world through their eyes.

to be continued…..




Reading, Writing & New Bloggers Syndrome.

I dream blog titles and new posts. They run through my dreams like a newsreel. Inspirational quotes, life stories, funny situations, kid fodder, projects, pets, adventure… I have a notebook for ideas. I have gone as far as actually waking up in the middle of the night to write down ideas. I added the WordPress app to my phone and it has become more frequently visited than Facebook. My stats… visitors, views, followers, referrals, clicks, totals and shares. I don’t know yet what half of these mean, but I check often.   I am constantly thinking about what I can write about.  I have an obsession to post. And check stats. And research and read.  My left eye has developed a slight twitch.

I have joined a top mommy blog network and become a mumsnet member. I read other blogs. I read freshly pressed. I am humbled. I have found more wonderful writers and content than I knew could exist. Amazing blogs about travel, photography, food, politics, business, parenting, autism, depression, addiction and grief. Families, psychology, gender, religion, art, literature and life. Beautifully haunting openness and honesty. Laugh out loud humor related to life’s mishaps and its humanness. True stories of recovery, self discovery and hope. Visions of people, places, and cultures. Thank you.

Then the blogs about blogs, blogging and bloggers. As a new blogger with my first blog I really appreciate the blogging community. The sharing of information about the blog world is impressive and vast. Thank you. And the readers. Taking the time to read what I write, liking a post or deciding to follow my blog. I am grateful. Thank you.

The blog world has opened my eyes to so much of what is meaningful in the world. The wisdom, hope, struggle, and success. The pain, the joy, and the faith. The talent, the knowledge and the culture. The people. I am hopelessly hooked. Happily reading and writing, eye twitching. Thank you.









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