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Yahoo! Japan to make disaster relief donation for every person who searches for 3.11 on March 11

I don’t re-blog often but I just came across this and since tomorrow is 3/11 I felt it was important. Four years ago there was a major catastrophe in Japan with an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that is still causing fallout.

Yahoo! has stated that they will make a donation to the Tohoku recovery efforts every time someone searches for “3.11” on their search site in memory of that tragic day.

If you read this please make that search “3.11 on Yahoo!” tomorrow. Please share!! ~Megan

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Launching my new business! Hearthstone Parenting: strengthening families through education, support & community

BusinessCardLogoOk!! It’s live!    is up and running! Please check out my website and if you live anywhere near Snohomish County registration is open for classes! If you are farther away, Hearthstone Blog offers parenting tips, inspiration & fun! Please share to help me get the word out 🙂

Thank you!! ~Megan


Writing just to write…

Blogging was at first a nice stress release for me, writing just for fun, connecting, sharing and learning from others…Then I began to feel pressure, from myself to become “better”, write higher quality posts (even though I am not a writer), post more like a “professional blogger”, also which I am not. All of this stress I created in my head. I read many amazing blogs posted on huff post, here in WordPress and posts that pop up in my news feed on Facebook, and I began to think, “what am I even doing”…I began to feel embarrassed about my writing and my ideas.

Anyway I’m here to say that I have decided to give my ego a much-needed kick in the pants. Today some of my close mom friends came over to create vision boards, which I love by the way. This activity always helps me to think clearer about what I want my life to feel like. Stress is not my friend, and I am usually the one who creates it for myself. Funny how we seem to often get in our own way isn’t it?

This is a reminder to myself that this isn’t a competition about who writes more, or better, or who posts labeled beautiful pictures that I often see on others blog posts. So here’s to me writing for fun, writing for me and writing because it releases stress (as long as I don’t get in the way) 😉


Partners in crime to fighting crime?!

Todays writing prompt was to write about a best friend, a trusty side-kick, or your partner in crime. My husband is all of these and more. We have been married for almost 9 years but have known each other for almost 19. We met when we were 20 and had many moments of being partners in crime that I am not going to share with you (this time). But as of late any crime for us is in the sense of crime fighting. Mainly exercised when putting our daughters to bed at night. Don’t laugh, this is crime fighting at it’s finest because our two sweet cherubs are masters of deception and trickery. True mastermind criminals.

From bath time, to brushing teeth, to jammies, stories and into bed where sleep won’t take over for another 20 minutes (at least) is a masterfully constructed and executed plan of attack and counter attack. My husband and I, we are often the bad cop good cop fighting these two sweet faced master minds. These two beings (for being under four feet tall) can wear you down! Like almost to tears, hands over your ears, feeling like your brain may explode, worn down. Torturous question and answer sessions that go on and on and on. Routines of last drinks of water, having to go potty to scratchy jammies, to being too hot or too cold are frustrating beyond belief. Excuse after excuse and reminder after reminder and then the lovey-dove talk about how they adore us. It almost gets you to read the one more story, sing one more song, you know the special song you made up just for meeeee…

But my husband and I are a force to be reckoned with. We have all the answers and we rattle them off with lightning like precision. And what we don’t know (because the questions are nonsensical gibberish designed to stall sleep) we make up the answers. We know where they got their creative extensive imaginations from. Us! They can’t beat the masters. We can get a water bottle refilled, a potty break, and new unscratchy jammies changed out in less than 30 seconds flat. We can corral like cowboys of the wild west and we are immune to tears. We sing the special song like trained songbirds, we kiss the little noses and we call it a wrap. We turn off the light and lay in wait. Quiet measured breathing like a metronome lulling them to sleep. We hope. We pray. We promise to all forces of heaven and nature that we will not lose it. We breathe deep. We air high-five each other (and flip the occasional bird) toward the bedroom video camera. We know the other one is holding the monitor at close watch waiting to see when the eyelids close and to make sure the one in the trenches is holding up. Like a true partner would.

We created these beings together, we remind each other they are only half of each of us. Only half. We are the wholes of ourselves and we are manageable. We can handle them. Well, together we can handle them. We had no idea the skills we would need for this parenting gig. So to my trusty side-kick, my partner in ex-crime, now crime fighting bad-ass, my bestie of all besties. I salute you. We fuckin’ got this! Oh, by the way it’s your turn in the trenches… I’ll stand watch! I got your back.


Month of July Recap: Meaningful Mommy

I’m behind on my recap of July, but better late than never. Still my goal of this blog is to share personal stories, hope and information on how to live striving to make moments meaningful and not being caught in the false ideas of perfection and the unrealistic ideals that commercialism often portrays. We are all capable of being happy and feeling content, it just takes a certain frame of mind by living in the moment and practicing gratitude. Glennon Melton of calls them our perspectacles (Here post ‘Give me gratitude or give me debt is great’!). So here’s to another month of looking at life with new ‘perspectacles’!!

In Adventures and Travel I wrote about our month-long family trip to Croatia. We had some travel mishaps from missed planes to lost bags but we were able to hold it together as a family. We learned that our daughters seem to enjoy and adapt to travel as well as my husband I could have ever hoped. We are excited to plan our next big international trip ASAP! Check out my lessons learned from a beach in Croatia here!

In Food and Garden I wrote about our garden harvest. We are hoping to plant our fall crop soon! I need to get going!!

In living simply I posted about tips to curbing impulse buying and making the most of any purchases by taking time to ask questions about the reason behind the perceived need.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” ~Will Rogers

In mind & body health I have been posting a lot of information about mental illness especially depression and the need for emotional intelligence. I feel that if we teach children healthy coping skills for their emotions (and we practice these ourselves) we can have a more open outlook in terms of sharing and getting any help for our feelings. I feel this education will help to erase the stigma society has placed on mental illness or the lack of emphasis that is placed on mental health. July’s monthly fitness calendar was to Say good-Bye to Love Handles

"No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world." ~Robin Williams

In mommy & me I shared about my experience with jet lag and the 'office turned playroom' aka the room to hide all the toys so they aren't spread from end to end of the house. I contributed to Meredith of Perfection Pendings Manic Monday linkup about the challenge to gets kids to smile (normally) for pictures and the ‘wipe me’ stage. I also shared about my idea of bravery by saying no and the choices we have as to when to push our children to challenge themselves in a guest post for Meredith’s Bravery Series. I was very pleased to be featured on her blog. You can read the guest post and part 2 here.

“Some have been thought to be brave because they didn’t have the courage to run away”. ~Unknown

In parenting tips & tricks I wrote about kids and feelings, the need for us to teach children about emotions and how to handle them in a healthy way, about children and depression and the need for support. Parenting tips about toy clean-up and help to deal with whining.

“Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them but we can choose which ones to surf”. ~Unknown

In wordpress & writing I have continued to grow as a writer challenging myself with the weekly writing prompt offered by WordPress. I wrote a Manifesto for The need for Emotional Intelligence, a ‘pay it forward’ story based on an ‘Unforgotten Kindness’ and a ‘lost’ project found and revisited. I really enjoy these wring exercises.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and open a vein”. ~Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith

I hope that the month of July’s posts have given some food for thought and some tips that have been helpful in creating your meaningful life 🙂 ~Megan

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Vacation brain….

I wonder if it’s possible to have too much to write about that it all becomes a jumble of nouns, verbs…adjectives connecting and running together? Or it’s just vacation brain. That’s also highly likely. We’re about 23 days in to our trip and my brain has turned to mush. I’m sure it’s the sand, the sea and the copious amounts of ice cream to blame. That and being on sensory overload with the culture, language change and 100 % of my time being spent with my family. I also miss home just a bit…

Of course that is the point of a vacation but boy is it fabulous & exhausting!! We are even sleeping with the kids, a divide and conquer method that has proven to be a great solution for insuring our children sleep but not such a great one for us. We can’t sleep. The girls are terribly wild sleepers and I’ve determined I should sign then up for modern dance or martial arts. We have bruises when we wake up in places we didn’t know were bruise-able and half the night is spend holding onto a hand or a foot to ensure the next half hour won’t end with a blackened eye.

I have the starts of so many write ups that I can’t wait to get home to start trying to organize them. The culture, the food, the islands and the beaches. All the new experiences for my daughters and how travel changed for us now that we have children. Travel tips with kids that we have figured out. Generation and cultural connections and differences. Dietary challenges in other countries, laying not with the food options but in the culture. These are just a few of the topics waiting to be taken from notes to final drafts.

This trip has opened a new door for our family that will circle around travel which we all seem to adapt to well and truly love. My daughters are already excited to plan our next big trip and have proved to be amazing travelling companions! My husband and I are thrilled! We can’t wait to see the world through their eyes.

to be continued…..




I will be back!!

Hi everyone!!



As you know I am on vacation in Croatia, yay! We are now in an area with very limited access to internet so posting is extremely difficult 😦


I will be back in about two weeks sharing all sorts of new posts about our travels, what I’ve learned about myself and my family as well as tips we’ve gathered for making family travel fun and as easy as possible!


Until then feel free to read some of my archived posts! There’s some good stuff that is pretty much unread from when I started my blog in April

~Megan aka meaningful mommy

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I Am Enough

Just a reminder that we do not need to compete with others, or try to have their lives or their stuff…We are enough, our personal goals, dreams, wishes and hopes are what will make our lives worth living!

be yourself

you are enough!!


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