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Launching my new business! Hearthstone Parenting: strengthening families through education, support & community

on February 6, 2015

BusinessCardLogoOk!! It’s live!    is up and running! Please check out my website and if you live anywhere near Snohomish County registration is open for classes! If you are farther away, Hearthstone Blog offers parenting tips, inspiration & fun! Please share to help me get the word out 🙂

Thank you!! ~Megan

7 responses to “Launching my new business! Hearthstone Parenting: strengthening families through education, support & community

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Congratulations !. Wishing you all success in your new venture.
    Warm regards,

    • Megan L. says:

      Thank you so much Susie! I hope to post in both blogs now as I have time! Setting up the business has taken up any free time I used to blog with 🙂

      • susieshy45 says:

        I wish you would have video conferencing or teleconferencing, so people who are far away can attend and interact with you

      • Megan L. says:

        It’s possible I could add a Skype feature eventually. Thats a wonderful idea. I can do parent coaching by phone though 🙂
        but a Skype thing would be great to attend group classes!!

  2. susieshy45 says:

    Hi Megan,
    Hope all is well. No time no see or talk.
    I’ve nominated you for the Very inspiring blogger award. If you choose to accept, which I hope you will you need to follow 4 rules. 1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 2. List the rules and display the award. 3. Share seven facts about yourself. 4. Nominate (15) other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them. Good luck in your writing journey.

    • Megan L. says:

      Thanks Susie!! I will try to get this done by next week 🙂 I am hoping once I have my Hearthstone Parenting open house, my life will begin to feel less busy! I haven’t had much time for writing while I get my new business up and rolling! Thanks again for thinking of me 🙂

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