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Easy Ways to Spread Cheer This Season!

on December 15, 2014


I love the holiday season no matter what religion is being celebrated. Many religions around the world share this season of hope and good will although they are different. The blog and movement Becoming Minamalist, has a wonderful list of 12 ways anyone can spread some holiday cheer this season.

A holiday tradition for me is leaving a extra generous tip for a waiter/waitress this time of year. I worked as a server when I was in college and know how hard it can be for persons in that industry to often make ends meet. I wrote about this in a post A $50 Unforgotten Kindness.

My daughters and I donate toys to Toys For Tots every year and to our neighborhood school holiday shop. This shop allows all students to “buy” (donated) gifts for up to 4 gifts. This is the only shopping many will of the students be able to do during the holidays.

So here’s to a season of spreading joy and kindness! It really can be easy to do, plus you may feel so good after you will decide to continue these smile spreading acts throughout the year ❤

What are your favorite ways to spread cheer?? Please share!

Happy Holiday! ~Megan

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