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Building a Parenting Community! Hearthstone Parenting LLC

on December 7, 2014

My new business Hearthstone Parenting LLC is moving right along. I have submitted my workbook and final exam to be graded and assessed, then I will have a final meeting and receive my certificate as a parenting educator. I am really excited to become certified and another step closer to opening!

Why the name Hearthstone? Well, picture a warm place where people gather to find community support, friendship, all sharing and learning together. The hearth as the symbol of family and the stone being the solid platform to build upon. So many parents I know look for advice on the internet, in parenting chat rooms and by buying parenting books.  But then it becomes a solitary pursuit to gaining new parenting skills because of the disconnect between actual people in your community. People who would also love someone to build a lasting relationship with.


In this day and age in the U.S. there is the lost sense of community for many where neighbors don’t know each other’s names. Long gone is the village that once helped parents raise their children. Families are spread out around the country and the globe, not living in the same house or on the same family homestead. Many new parents sit at home wondering what to do when their idealistic idea of being a parent seems to crumble with every tantrum or tear from the sweet little ones. Parents of teens sigh when the door slams shut or they sit alone while their teen is glued to technology, not knowing how to bridge that gap and re-connect with their child. Parents of grown children who never seem to grow up sit isolated in their thoughts of “where they went wrong”, feeling that they may never have a healthy connection with their child. Many parents feel like there is no-one to talk to or commiserate with and nowhere to turn to gain new parenting insight to change the relationships they have. Some parents just wish for other parent friends who have children in the same stages as theirs to compare notes.

I hope to use parenting education and support to strengthen the parent child relationships by building upon the already formed foundation of their family. It is never too late to learn some new strategies to help build healthy respectful relationships with children no matter their age.

I would love to hear from parents, grandparent and anyone else their thoughts on what they wish was available to parents both new and seasoned.  What classes/workshops would benefit parents and do you think this would be a service you would consider…I would love to start gathering ideas before I begin to design my curriculum, class roster and activity schedule.


Thank you!!! ~ Megan

4 responses to “Building a Parenting Community! Hearthstone Parenting LLC

  1. Where I moved from, in Virginia, we very much did still have that village, and it was so wonderful. In my new neighborhood, we are missing that, but it’s mostly my fault. I haven’t had the time or desire to reach out. Congratulations on your certification!!!!

    • Megan L. says:

      I’m so glad!! Here in my neighborhood we have that too, but I know many who do not. I also know that many parents feel like seeking help or talking about parenting struggles seems like a sign of failure. I want to help shift that idea by creating connection and communication expressing that we all feel that way at some point and there is support and strategies to change that feeling 🙂

    • Lola says:

      Great trduneeoms issues here. I¡¦m very glad to look your post. Thanks a lot and i am looking ahead to touch you. Will you please drop me a mail?

    • The suggestions you provided here are extremely precious. It absolutely was such an enjoyable surprise to have that looking forward to me as i woke up now. They are always to the point and easy to understand. Thanks for your time for the thoughtful ideas you’ve shared above.

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