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A new business and a new busy!

on November 27, 2014

Domain names purchased, email set up, UBI number from The Office of the Secretary of State, my filing is in with the state business department and next will be my city license.  Hearthstone Parenting LLC “strengthening families through education, support and community” will be up and running in 2015. Offering parenting education workshops, parenting community connection activities, parenting plans for divided families and private parenting coaching.

Parenting education is my passion. I feel that with the lack of the village feel, a strong community for parents is lacking. We all need support and there should be no stigma attached to a parent asking for help! No-one should feel alone. Parenting is beautiful and hard at the same time. A wonderful experience where the rules keep changing.  We look for knowledge in every aspect of our lives and classes are abundant, but parents look up advice on the internet and read parenting books by the arm full- alone. There should be open communication and community tied to parenting and all the hurdles and successes met along the way. Hoping Hearthstone Parenting becomes the warm welcoming parenting education center I dream of 🙂

I am busy, busy, busy…and equally excited!! I promise I will be back to blogging!!!

One response to “A new business and a new busy!

  1. thinkingpaco says:

    I wish you the best if lucks, the job deserves it as it a great contribution to the community. Enjoy!

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