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I’m pre-occupied…it’s a good thing!

on November 14, 2014

So… I’m pre-occupied. More than usual anyway because what parent isn’t pre-occupied almost all the time?? Kids do that. It’s sort of mandatory to be pre-occupied when our hearts begin to walk around outside our bodies…those kids take up a lot of brain & heart real-estate! But what has taken me sort of on a tangent thinking path is the idea of a sole proprietorship.

I’m starting to think about what I may want to do part-time when my 3-year-old starts school in a couple of years. The wheels are turning and I think I have a general idea but the planning is taking up a lot of my free time. Free time which used to be reserved for writing this blog. Seriously, my free time is limited!

I will have to start sharing my ideas and gathering input because most of you who read this could give me some great insight for real, I’m sure!! I’ll give you a clue. It has to do with parenting education…..I’m pretty excited and have even bought a few domain names in preparation. They happened to be available so I went with it. I’m hoping the business name I like isn’t taken already.

Well, I’m off to study and read and plan and write some…along with the 7 million tasks I have rattling around in my head at any given time! Crud! I think I just remembered a dentist appointment on  Tuesday. Hmm…I’m pretty sure it’s mine since I just wrote about my daughters experience. Her appointment took up some serious heart and brain real-estate for a while. You can read about it here if you happened to miss it.

I’m blaming Oprah! I have been chewing on this idea for a while, but I’ve decided that there isn’t any reason it couldn’t work out. I am going to write about Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend but I am waiting for some awesome photos to be sent to my inbox. Stay tuned and good night!! 🙂

Thoughts?? :)

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