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Fall is here…no really, in my house :)

on November 12, 2014

It’s Fall…so far so good. I like this season along as I can stay inside and watch the leaves blowing around. Wait, actually there are leaves blowing around in my house because my daughters bring them in by the handful. On our walks home from school they are collected by the dozen with plans to make leaf crowns and tiaras. The leaves are being glued to paper, cardboard and left on the table, floor and the furniture. I am constantly picking them up.  I don’t really mind. I’m still inside most of the time so I’m happy! The weather has been pretty beautiful lately so I really can’t complain too much about the times I am outside. I also finally figured out if I buy the right gear for the weather such as rain boots, warm boots, waterproof warm jackets, hats and an umbrella it isn’t so bad. Yes, I said umbrella which I was told by a woman up at my daughters school that people from Washington don’t carry umbrellas. I had asked her if she would like to stand under mine one afternoon when it was pouring and she was the lone soaked person within a sea of umbrellas and she laughed at me. Like out loud and told me that is why she lives here and that real people from the Northwest don’t use umbrellas. I just smiled and said ok. I did not tell her that I am a native of this area, as are my parents, grandparents and great grandparents. It sure doesn’t mean I have to like getting thoroughly soaked. I am blaming her rudeness on her obviously water soaked brain. A simple no thanks would have sufficed. Anyway, along with being warm and dry I find my solace in yummy fall scented candles. I have stocked up. The candles and my fireplace are burning brightly, I am warm and cozy, my chai tea is spicy and lovely. I am happy 🙂

One response to “Fall is here…no really, in my house :)

  1. Wow….Megan, so glad you are warm and toasty………and dry! 🙂

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