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The Life You Want Tour (pre-tour)

on November 7, 2014

I am going to see Oprah. Yes, OPRAH!!! The Life You Want Tour is coming to Seattle, WA tomorrow and I will be there with two of my close girlfriends. I am so excited!!

I first met Oprah ( on T.V) at my friend Gigi’s house after school Freshman year of high school. We would take the bus home from school and rush to her house to make our snack of toasted sourdough with marmalade and mozzarella cheese. Try it! It is really good 😉 We would then settle in and watch Oprah at 4:00. Without fail!  I have watched Oprah off and on since then and have always wanted to see her live in some venue. And now she is coming to SEATTLE!!!

This tour is a two day affair full of inspirational speakers and I’m sure lots of laughing and probably some tears. I am ready for it all 🙂 This is going to be a wonderful mom’s weekend to dream and envision where the year will take us! I really have no idea what to expect except I have a feeling that it will be something I don’t ever forget. I can not wait to be inspired!

Get ready for some new wisdom and meaningful awesomeness! (To be continued……)

Here is the link for more info!

One response to “The Life You Want Tour (pre-tour)

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Lucky girl !
    What were your experiences meeting Oprah?

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