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Kid stuff overload…..times two

on November 2, 2014

Our playroom is getting out of control. Like toys are multiplying on their own similar to rabbits, or hamsters or any rapidly breeding animal with a very short gestation.  I typically pride myself on organizing and separating toys, dolls, books, games, puzzles, etc. into their nice bins and baskets. I like order and for everything to have a place. It helps me feel calm…But now that Christmas is in 7 weeks…I know , crazy right?!,  it has come to my attention that we need to plow through this stuff asap!  Then I came across this article! There is no reason for kids to own or need so much stuff…it is actually better for them to have less! I love this idea!! I love anything that will benefit my girls while at the same time creating less work for me. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it!!

Joshua Becker writes a blog called becoming minimalist and I am hooked! This article titled Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids makes so much sense to me and how I want my families priorities to be aligned. Looking for the value behind the item and its purpose or benefit fits right in to my wish to live a meaningful life.  I also want my girls to rely on their creativity and look around them to find joy, not in an abundance of belongings. I would love to hear if anyone applies minimalist strategies to their kids belongings or their own and how it has changed their outlook on “stuff”.

And then I came across this!! Living Well Spending Less Why I took my kids’ toys away {& why they won’t get them back} The article discusses how the authors two children always seemed to expect a material gift from everywhere they went. They had a hard time picking up their playroom and their mother became tired of picking things up and took it all away. Fearing “permanent damage “to her kids she was surprised to find her children seemed to thrive in their toyless environment. They stopped asking for things and began entertaining themselves playing using their imaginations. Some toys were brought out occasionally but the kids were happy without. Hmmm….could I go this far?

I really enjoy the idea of less. I don’t know exactly how I feel about nothing…or the occasional toy. I do know the playroom needs to be cleaned out. We have toys that the girls have outgrown which I should donate. That will be the first level of minimizing the toys. Second I will ask the girls what they feel we should donate. And lastly I thing we will sort out what can rotate into the room and put most items away to be swapped out throughout the year.

What are some of your tips to toy management? What are your thoughts on less being more? Or the idea that none may be better?

6 responses to “Kid stuff overload…..times two

  1. susieshy45 says:

    A very thoughtful post and one for which I am grateful to you.
    About toy management, when my children were smaller, we refused them toys if they asked for them too frequently. They got so used to the idea of not getting what they asked for, that they expected toys only for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. The other thing is we couldn’t afford to give them all the toys they asked for. It was difficult at times, because the children around where we stay used to get everything they asked for and there were bound to be comparisons between play mates. But time passes very quickly you see. Children grow up fast and that phase is over now. They are much bigger and don’t expect or ask so often.
    When we were small, we were left to our own devices, my siblings and I and we had to find methods to entertain ourselves. I can’t ever remember telling anyone ” I ‘m bored”, ” I have nothing to do”.
    We climbed trees, cycled, went to each other’s houses,made secret societies, walked all over the place in good and bad weather, played outdoor games and did almost everything possible under the sun. For doll’s house, we tried to make our own- using the encyclopedia for a guide and cardboard boxes for rooms. It was fun. We used paints and left over cloth to sew and paint the rooms. It was fun.
    I believe, children should have some toys and for the rest, their toys should be their play mates, their siblings and the time they have together.

    • Megan L. says:

      Sound perfect! My girls do not get everything they ask for either. they say “I’m going to put this on my list”…the list is an imaginary place they keep the ideas they wish for special gifts. I write down some of the items to keep as ideas for presents. I also keep the toy gifts from family and friends in a closet my kids have dubbed “the store under the stairs”, and throughout the year we pull out a new gift instead of giving them all the toys at once 🙂

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