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Micowave free kitchen!

on October 20, 2014

We remodeled our kitchen last November and during the process lived without a working stove for over two months. It was fun for the first few weeks. We were eating out every night, trying new restaurants in our area. Living the high life. Then we started noticing how much more money we were spending and we knew it just wouldn’t be good budgeting to keep it up for the duration of the remodel. Plan B became buying foods that we could either eat raw or “cook” in the microwave. We made salads and sandwiches, heating up soup in the microwave. We ate microwave mac n cheese, Indian food microwave meals, microwaved quesadillas, I even microwaved baked potatoes. We began to feel gross. We were not huge microwave users in the past and this was overload. About 6 weeks in our microwave began to fail. It was feeling overloaded too I guess. All of the buttons stopped working except for the 30 sec. button. So in order to cook something for 3 minutes you had to push the button 6 times, if you needed 8 minutes of micro time we were pushing the 30 sec. button 16 times. You get the picture. Funny at first, not so much after the first few days. Then the time display went out and the microwave would randomly flash numbers. It beeped on its own. We decided it was possessed and would walk by giving it a sideways glance. Thankfully our remodel came to a point where our new stove was up and running!! Yay!! I reluctantly moved the possessed microwave onto our shiny new counter. It seemed out of place. I tried moving it which didn’t help. No matter where I put it I just didn’t like it. Then one magical day it died! Completely kaput! I did a happy dance and eagerly sent it to where dead microwaves go for a proper burial. We talked about getting a new one. Maybe one that fit in the corner of the counter…then I had the crazy idea…what if we didn’t get a new one. What if we just went microwave free?? Unheard of right?! I know there was an era before microwaves (although not in my lifetime since the first microwave was introduced in 1955). I knew there had to be a way to heat left overs on the stove or in the oven. A process I have  since figured out. We made a meaningful decision to go microwave-less. I am happy to report that we have been microwave free for almost a year! It has had some disadvantages, for example I can no longer make single serve rice crispy treats on the fly when I just really need a treat. Ok, ok, I know a bad habit best to be broken anyway. But other than that it has been wonderfully freeing!  I would highly recommend putting your microwave out to pasture. Well maybe not into your yard but you get my point. 🙂

12 responses to “Micowave free kitchen!

  1. Jess says:

    I love it! We haven’t had a microwave for a looong time and the only times I miss it are for reheating my cold tea and heating up a rice bag. We have a toaster oven that we use for just about everything. It’s awesome!!

  2. craigs70 says:

    Microwaves are a great evil. You are 101% better without.

  3. Our microwave still works but it’s occasionally possessed when we try to make pop corn in it. I have since started making pop corn in the skillet. And I don’t really use it much to be honest. We do have to leave food for my husband since he comes home last but I keep the oven on low to keep it warm. I think my mother uses microwave more than any of us.

  4. kimscaravelli says:

    I think I could do it if it wasn’t for the coffee issue. I work from a home office and if I couldn’t reheat my morning coffee (two or three or a dozen times) I would have to go with option B and make myself a fresh pot… and using my waste-not-want-not mantra, this pot would have to be consumed…

  5. I have been living microwave free for close to eight years and I don’t miss it one bit, even now that I have kids. I just drink the cold coffee!

  6. Sarah Moggio says:

    I as well do not have a microwave in my home! I love that we don’t. 🙂 Glad I am not the only one!!

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