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Time away

on October 18, 2014

I’ve been being lazy. On purpose. I took a ‘me’ respite week and tagged along with a good friend to Washington D.C and Pittsburg. When I say lazy, I don’t mean I did nothing. For me lazy means not doing all the thing I feel like I should be doing. The items on my mental daily at home list. This trip I didn’t do any of ‘those’ things. I did what I felt like at that moment.

We flew to Washing ton D.C. to run the Army 10 miler, a race benefiting the service members and their families. The men and women serving still, retired and remembered.  Their loved ones. It was a sobering and inspiring run. We ran through the streets of D.C past monuments honoring others sacrifices.

My friend and I then drove to Pittsburgh. The fall colors were beautiful. Truly stunning! While she was in her conference I spend the days exploring Pittsburgh on my own. I had hours of self-reflection and hours of walking. Both are very therapeutic for me. I went to museums, a lovely botanical garden and I walked through beautiful college buildings. I reminisced about my days in college and what my goals had been then and what they are now.

I wandered, just with a goal of a far off bridge to cross and when I reached it and crossed to the other side I looked for another. As I crossed the next bridge I was feeling at peace. Peace with where my life is now. Missing my family and longing for the little hands to be tugging on my clothes. Dreaming about hearing their little voices calling out Momma, over and over.

We ate wonderful food. We laughed. We talked. We took ridiculous online quizzes. I have a new self mantra according to buzzfeed, a personal theme song and a movie star boyfriend from the 80’s. Best of all I renewed my sense of self and I am home now back where my heart belongs. With the ones I love.

2 responses to “Time away

  1. Megan, what a neat cause the Army 10 miler is. So glad you were able to participate. Knowing the significance, it would have been a run that really would play on the emotions.

    Having that time away is so important, but ALWAYS good to come home!

    A wonderful read, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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