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With my heart swelling & my eyes welling…

on September 27, 2014

This is the first year both of my daughters are in school. Albeit one is preschool and one in grade school, but it’s here. That time in my life. It seemed so far away when I thought about it when I was home with them both. My little was a new-born and my big was 2 years old. Someone said, someday soon they will both be in school. It seemed like that would be in an eternity, but here it is. In a blink of an eye!


~breathe in~

My little sweet started preschool. Her first year. It is a preschool gymnastic class program. 2 hours of preschool class and 45 minutes of gymnastics. She loves it!! For her busy little body this program has been perfect for her. I also love that she loves to be there. It sure helps! It felt different leaving her for the first time at a school. My heart swelled as I watched her march right in, hang up her coat and sit down at the carpet. She smiled and waved. “Bye Momma, love you.” No tears, no doubt. She was ready. My eyes welled up a bit thinking about this being the first step of many where she is away from my watchful eye. I am so proud of her!

~breathe out~


My big sweet has started Kindergarten at our neighborhood public school.  On the first day my daughter stopped me at the doors into school and said, “No Mom, you stay here. I can go in myself. I can do it.” That darn combo of my heart swelling and my eyes welling, gets me every time. I smiled, said I love you and watched her walk away from me. I told myself it was because I had done a good job raising a self-confident daughter.  I am so grateful that she loves her school and is having such a positive experience. She looks forward to each day and always has something to tell me when I pick her up. It is beautiful to see her growing up!

audrey first dayNora first day




It feels wonderful and scary at the same time.










5 responses to “With my heart swelling & my eyes welling…

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Wonderful to see how much you love your daughters and how proud you are of them. Yes, their confidence is a reflection on the way you both raised your daughters.
    Lots of love,

  2. A touching post. Thank you for sharing Megan! So neat to have a blog such as this, in that time and place when your 2 girls become adults (time goes by extremely fast) they can go back and read and remember! 🙂

  3. […] just started Kindergarten and my youngest preschool. Here is how that pulled my heartstrings: With My Heart Swelling & My eyes Welling ❤  I wrote about my realization that We Are Already Meaningful Mommies!! Woohoo! Pat […]

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