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August Blog Re-cap: Meaningful Mommy

on September 18, 2014

I forgot to write-up my re-cap for August. That’s what happens when you go on a vacation that spans the end of one moth and the beginning half of the next. You come back mid month and jump into where you left off skipping any end of month tasks because you’re catching up on the missed beginning of month tasks. Maybe it’s just me who does that…

I started my meaningful mommy blog as a personal journey to embrace an intentional and meaningful life. There is no one “perfect” way. Just as we expect people to be individuals, our lives should also be a reflection of who we are. The trick is figuring out what you want and the path to take. I find balance to be my biggest challenge.

My hope is that this blog makes someone smile. Maybe learn something new or think about life in a different light. That it lends a hand supporting you to be yourself, helping you to feel confident. This blog is helping me stay focused on keeping my actions intentional and my intentions meaningful. We all get one life, might as well live it doing what we love, alongside the people we love

I appreciate everyone who is reading ‘meaningful mommy’ and following along. Your support is very meaningful!

Here is the month re-cap of just a few of my posts from August. These are usually an end of the month post.

In adventure and travel: We took our family trip to Croatia. It was amazing!! My girls are amazing!! My husband is amazing!! I was even a little more amazing than I thought I could be under some travel circumstances which were out of our control 😉 We were able to relax and let go of our daily ‘tasks’ and just be together as a family. I came home with a new outlook for how I would spend my time with my girls and myself. My house may be messier and my to-do lists shorter and my calendar more empty. All by choice. 🙂

Jet Lag, Lost Bag, and Airport Tag, & Travel Woes and Whoas!

In mommy & me I share about my kids mostly and my mommy moments!! My oldest daughter just started Kindergarten. In August we were out shopping for her school supplies and I started thinking about a school supply list for moms!! click here for that list 🙂 I also wrote about how becoming a parent has taught me how to reflect on how I want my daughter to feel while she grows up. In We All Have a Voice, What Saying No can Really Mean, I examine the power of the word No.

In food & garden: I’ve posted pics about our gardens growth! It has been much more of a success than I ever imagined 🙂 We have really enjoyed this garden as a family and can’t wait for our Fall harvest! See a sample of pics at my posts Our Garden Update & Yard Food: Our Summer Crop Continues.

I was invited by another blogger to try out her meal prep plan for a 6-week time frame!! I am so excited! Look for posts about this the end of Sept.

In living simply: I will continue to post about how leading a simple life can actually make it more meaningful and intentional. One secret is doing what you love!! find more about that here, in Show Me the Love ❤

In mind & body health: Robin Williams suicide hit many people hard. A shock to us all. I hope that his death at least opens up the discussion of mental illness and depression I wrote about my feelings in the Stigma of Mental Illness. I also wrote A Manifesto: The Need For Emotional Intelligence inspired by a WordPress Prompt.
•Each month there will be a 30 day challenge. May’s challenge was Abs. June’s challenge was Arms. July’s challenge was Thighs and For August, Good-Bye Love Handles!
I will continue to add a monthly fitness challenge, as well as helpful tips on how to look at life with a healthier mental and physical outlook.

In parenting tips & tricks I post about positive Discipline and how I carry out its strategies into raising my girls. I will add a weekly tip related to this philosophy. I will also add any great parenting advice I come across. In keeping with my hopes for more open discussion of emotions and mental health one of the posts I wrote was about Kids & Feelings since emotional Intelligence should start with our children.

I added a category titled Kids Corner: fun stuff! Here is where I will include activities that will keep kids busy, because we all know that when kids are busy there is less trouble 😉

And in WordPress & Writing: I am still enjoying the WordPress writing challenges!! One favorite was my post Partners in Crime to Fighting Crime, a tribute to putting my husband and his So many great writers to read and learn from. I also received a Liebster Award, Thank you!!

I’m up to 150 blog followers and 122 on Facebook! It’s pretty exciting to see. so if you like a post please share it!!

I’d love to hear from you! Any post requests?? 🙂 ~Megan

7 responses to “August Blog Re-cap: Meaningful Mommy

  1. susieshy45 says:

    I like the way you summarised everything you did in August.
    And provided links to separate blogs. Nice technique.
    How is your elder daughter liking KG ?

    • Megan L. says:

      Thanks! It’s just a nice way for me to re-visit my posts and see where I want to head next 🙂 I posted many more posts than I listed but I just like to highlight a couple favorites. My oldest loves KG!! It’s so amazing to see. She can’t wait to go and comes out smiling every day! I couldn’t have asked for more positive start to school ❤

      • susieshy45 says:

        On my front, I have had a couple of writing jobs. You probably know I am a very new writer, just started in August.
        And the cloud my life was under for over a year, seems to be lifting.
        Will let you know if it does- until then pray for me.
        Good to hear that your daughter loves KG.

      • Megan L. says:

        Cool about your writing jobs 🙂 I submitted a piece for a magazine but no response yet…

        I’m sorry about the cloud. 😦 I hope it continues to lift up higher and higher!! 🙂

        Hang in there and keep writing! I find it helps…


  2. Nicola Young says:

    What a good idea to recap all your posts. You’ve been very busy and your blog is great. Keep up the good work.

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