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5 Fun Fall Crafts!! In 10 Steps or Less :)

on September 12, 2014

image credit: pinterest

Project 1: Fall Pumpkins!!  Re-use those paper grocery bags hanging around with this easy project 🙂

Step One: Get a brown paper grocery bag

Step Two: Draw a pumpkin shape on the outside, write over any logo or writing it won’t matter

Step Three: Cut out your “pumpkin”, you will end up with two identical pumpkin cut outs.

Step Four: Place the pumpkin cutouts together with the logo or writing on the inside!

Step Five: Staple or hole punch along the edge of the pumpkins holding them together. If you use the hole punch option use yarn to “sew” the sides together leaving a little space at the bottom.

Step Six: Use all most all of the rest ( save a small piece for a stem and leaf) of the paper bag to stuff your pumpkin. tear into large pieces and crumple those and push into the opening you left.

Step Seven: Either staple or finish “sewing” you pumpkin closed.

Step Eight: Use the last piece of the bag to cut out a leaf and a stem for your pumpkin. either glue or staple on.

Step Nine: Paint the pumpkin any colors you wish. Can be made with a face as a jack o lantern or fall colors.

Step Ten: Hang and enjoy!!




photo credit:

 Project 2: Hand Print Trees!! Easy Treesy 🙂

Step One: Lay out a large piece of art paper

Step Two: Paint your childs hand, wrist to mid forearm with brown paint.

Step Three: Press the painted arm on the art paper. This is the tree 🙂

Step Four: On a paper plate or art tray put the colors of paint you want for leaves.

Step Five: Let the child use their fingers to make the tree leaves. Dip finger tips into the paint and press around the hand print top of the tree.



image credit: pinterest (original not found)

Project Three: Leaf Drawings: a study in leaf composition

Step One: Collect some fall leaves

Step Two: Cut the leaves in half

Step three: Glue the leaf halves onto a piece of art paper

Step Four: Using colored pencils or crayons have your child try to draw the rest of the leaf matching shape and color of the real leaf


image credit: pinterst (original

Project Four: Fall Apple Prints (great use for oldish apples)

Step One: Apples, cut in half (either length or width)

Step Two: Set out art paper or a long strip of newsprint

Step Three: Paper plates of paint

Step Four: Dip the apples into the paint and press on the paper

Step Five: Voila! Apple prints! If you print on large enough paper pieces they make great wrapping paper 🙂



image credit:

Project 5: Leaf People or animals or monsters or???

Step One: Gather various leaves

Step Two: Glue leaves to paper to create whatever your heart desires!!

Step Three: Let dry and add googly eyes and any other facial features 🙂




Happy Fall!!



4 responses to “5 Fun Fall Crafts!! In 10 Steps or Less :)

  1. teachezwell says:

    Great ideas! I especially like the symmetry pictures and apple prints. The photos are perfect.

  2. Great ideas! I used to gather leaves and paint them before pressing them on the paper- no wonder people think I can draw! If only they knew…

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