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Here’s to the year ahead

on September 8, 2014

My daughter is starting kindergarten tomorrow. I know there have been a million starting school posts and I actually already posted one, WooHoo, She’s Off To School...but tonight as I lay next to my daughter looking at her while my husband read The Night Before Kindergarten I finally felt something more than excitement for her to start school.

I felt that loss of time. I was holding her hand looking at her long narrow fingers with sparkly purple nails, wrapped around mine. I was remembering her baby fingers, so cubby and so small. The teeny tiny pink nails…

I felt hope for her future as I watched her eyes sparkly with excitement for the new adventure ahead…

I felt my eyes well and my heart swell as I thought back to all the firsts we have experienced so far. Hers and mine. All her firsts have also been my firsts as a mother. I had never thought about that before. I have always told her that our hearts are connected and that they always will be. The pull of those heart-strings is amazing.

I still felt my initial feelings of excitement for her to start school but I also felt anticipation for all the new firsts this school year will bring.

Here’s to the year ahead, hers and mine ❤

2 responses to “Here’s to the year ahead

  1. Casey says:

    Oof, heart strings. Snuggling my little 2 year old and already thinking about how emotional I will be on that big day!

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