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Meeting the Teacher

on September 5, 2014

Meeting the teacher. Exciting right? Or terrifying? Or both?! I am not sure how I feel about it at all.

I was a teacher. I know they are scary. Not bad scary, just scary in the fact that we  look parents in the eye and take mental note of everything you say. We analyze you as parents projecting what we see at your child. We can’t help it. I could usually tell exactly where a child picked up a behavior from. Yep, you guessed it. They watch and learn those sweet little beings of yours. They watch and learn….The apple does not fall far from the tree. And just an extra  tidbit of info , no, teachers don’t really like apples. Yes, a symbol of knowledge, but a bad taste in classroom decor. I refused to have the apple theme in my classroom. If you want to bring a gift to a teacher, choose anything but an apple.

So, here I am. No longer a teacher since starting my family. Home for the last almost 6 years and now it’s my turn to be that parent. The one behind the too small table because it’s made for a child. Yes, the teacher is comfortable there because they are used to it. They have practice. Parents…Not so much. I am out of practice. I know it will feel weird.

I will fidget…that will be mentally noted. Now that I mention it my daughter fidgets. That will be pinned on me for sure. I’m sure I will ramble on answering questions but adding more than necessary. It will be noted too.  I will ask my own streaming barrage of questions dominating the conversation. It will be noted. I will talk about what I think my daughter needs to learn and what she knows. Her strengths and areas of improvement. My opinions will be noted.

I will be seen as an overbearing ex teacher turned crazy mom. We were the worst ones, when I was teaching (and yet to be a parent) the teacher parents. The only thing worse were the still teaching parents whose kids were at the school they taught at and in your class. That was really terrifying. They were always popping into the class on their breaks just checking in on their child (meaning you). So I’m not quite at that level. Yet, anyway.

I get it. Part of me wants to go back to teaching so I can be in my daughters schools, checking in during the day. I would be that still teaching teacher parent. It would be nice to see inside the classroom more. For now I will just have to be the room parent volunteering mom. The book order placing, reading helper, art docent if needed. I will chaperone field trips and bake for fundraisers.

As for the teacher meet and greet  tomorrow, if I have any hope of being allowed in the classroom, I think I’ll send my husband. Let him be the parent being assessed by our daughters new teacher. He will make for an interesting study 🙂



6 responses to “Meeting the Teacher

  1. teachezwell says:

    I thought I was the only teacher parent who tormented her child’s teacher with continual “spot checks!” Fun post! Hope the conference went well after all that. 🙂

    • Megan L. says:

      It did 🙂 I just confessed upfront I was a former teacher 😉 She laughed. It’s her 36th year of teaching so I’m sure she has seen it all. We are all excited!!

  2. MaryAnn says:

    So glad I read this AFTER all of mine are out of the nest…hahaha. I would be that “oversharing” mom, too. 😛

    There are worse things your child could take after than a caring, former teacher. 🙂

  3. Nicola Young says:

    I hope you got on ok. Being a teacher, you now too much. Better to be ignorant like the rest of us. But now I’ve read this, I will be analysing how my kids teachers are analysing me!

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