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Hello Kitty is not a cat…(sarcastic humor)

on August 31, 2014

Hello Kitty is not a cat. I hear it’s a huge shock to cat lovers. Tweet worthy wide-spread panic. I know!  #hellokitty A shocker. Hello Kitty, a toy Designed by Yuko Yamaguchi of Sanrio. A multi billion dollar a year franchise. They don’t care what you think she is, as long as you buy her.

At least as of late there is no mistake that Hello Kitty is still a she. Give it time. She could turn out to be gender neutral. I haven’t seen any genitalia on the Hello Kitty dolls we have. Thank God! Could you imagine…a pussy’s private parts … I  know, that was a close call. Along with missing female Hello Kitty is also missing a mouth. My daughters wonder how she eats. I don’t care. I give them washable markers and let them have at it. Hello Kitty has had all sorts of mouths, teeth, tongues, whatever, hearts, stars…When you have a blank canvas where your (girl or kitty) mouth should be, the sky is the limit. It is nice because she can be all the emotions they feel, which I found out is the exact reason she is missing that feature. If you were looking for an actual fact.

So, here’s what being  parent has taught me. Just a little friendly advice for all those in Kitty shock…These toys are all make-believe. Yes, Hello Kitty is a toy.  Hello Kitty is not real but she can be real in your imagination. That’s the great part about our brains. The imagination part. Yes, I’m sure that part has a real name and the imagination part is a function, but I don’t have time to look all that up. Anyway, as a mom I do know you can pretend that Hello Kitty is a girl, or a cat, or the personification of a cat. It doesn’t matter. Pretend whatever you want to. It could be a dinosaur pretending to be a cat. That’s the fun with toys. You can do that. The fact of whether Hello Kitty is truly a cat is a moot point. Doesn’t matter. Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder so is kitty-ness, or cattiness…depending on who or what you are beholding.

Let it go. Panic about something you can’t control. Hello Kitty can be whatever you want. So, cat lovers in despair, it’s ok. If need be you can always turn your affection to The Cheshire Cat or Garfield, both undeniably cats…or are they?

hello kitty

Here is a link to a real article abut the Hello Kitty interview which started it all,




6 responses to “Hello Kitty is not a cat…(sarcastic humor)

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Reminds me of a story of Junie B Jones- she got a shock when she found out from her friends that Mickey Mouse was not real and was just a person in a costume( at Disneyland).
    All that matters, is it fires the imagination of your children and thats all there is to it.

    • Megan L. says:

      Yes, so true…My girls don’t know anything about the current Hello Kitty panic about finding out she isn’t a cat but a girl…I think it’s humorous this info has so many adults in shock 😉

  2. I like Hello Kitty but to be honest couldn’t care less about that article ie. there are more important things in life than being shock because it’s not really a cat. Use your imagination, let it be whatever you want it to be!

    • Megan L. says:

      Exactly!!! That’s my point and why I wrote this. I was reading all these news articles about how upset people were. lol. It’s a toy. It’s cute, but a toy 🙂

  3. kimscaravelli says:

    More breaking news… Barbie and Ken are not a real couple… Elmo does not actually live on Sesame Street… and you will never actually live in a Lego house… On another, equally disturbing note… I suspect that Furby may be stalking me!

    • Megan L. says:

      Hilarious!!! I’m glad you share my sense of humor. I just don’t understand people who take toys (although cute and fun) to that whole other level or ‘realness’!! And Furby is a creep…you are smart to be watching out 😉

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