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Back to School Supply List for Moms

on August 28, 2014

Back to school is a time of supply lists for our kids but what about the moms?! Forget the pencils and non-purple jumbo glue sticks, here’s what we need!!

Mom “Back to School” Supply List


  • Two packs of Kleenex (one for your car and one for your purse). You will cry and you will get many colds from your now in school children. School germ pools are the worst. Restock as needed.


  • Antibacterial spray: to spray your children down when they come home from school. Have them hold their breath and cover their mouths and noses just like when you spray bug spray. Okay, maybe don’t do this but in the heightened cold seasons baths infused with hand sanitizer would be best. Okay, you’re right. Not safe. Hmm…I know! Masks. Lots of those white face masks from the doctor’s office.


  • A good friends number on speed dial. Call it, if needed!  Networks are important. Or a counselor. Probably both.


  • A “That was easy” button from Staples for the times we need a reminder that we do hard things. I know, sounds contradicting…the button is so after you push it and the voice says “that was easy” can yell “NOT” like a teenager. Especially useful after completion of all “not easy” tasks.


  • A Magic 8 Ball for those hard school decisions, because really most decisions we make just open up another one and it’s all just a crap shoot.


  • Earplugs to wear when you get into those conversations with other moms about what’s best for your kids. Or their kids test scores. Or that their school is better…yada, yada, yada…Earplugs, I’m telling you!


  • A really cute hat. Because there will be days you will be called into school and you have not showered for a few days and your hair is unmanageable. Or a scarf and big glasses…Maybe all three.


  • A good book or kindle/iPad to be in your purse or car. There may be days you just have to sit outside the school all day. Whether it’s from anxiety or a threat to your child that you really are watching them while they are at school. You will need something to do. Maybe knitting. That may look less stalker-ish.


  • A monthly refillable Starbucks gift card. For your self. Each month re-fill that bad boy so you can have a never-ending and always deserving coffee or tea pick me up. You deserve it!


  • Mom’s night out at least once a month. Just time away. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as it is somewhere kids aren’t allowed to go.


  • Abundant patience for yourself. You will make it through this year. Hit that frickin’ “that was easy button” yelling “NOT” as often as you need to. Add stomping and cursing and then take a warm bath or go get that coffee. You deserve it!!


I plan to be well ready for this school year! What would you add to this list as a must have for “back to school”??


7 responses to “Back to School Supply List for Moms

  1. kimscaravelli says:

    ANd a good bottle of wine… or two…

  2. teachezwell says:

    This really made me laugh. Perhaps a Haz-Mat suit to go with the antibacterial spray? And a handy website to help explain how to help your kids with their homework. And a gross tee shirt to go along with the grungy hair (wear when the teacher is hunting for a room parent).

  3. Not only patience but nerves of steel! Oh and always expect the unexpected!

  4. […] shopping for her school supplies and I started thinking about a school supply list for moms!! click here for that list 🙂 I also wrote about how becoming a parent has taught me how to reflect on how I […]

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