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Month of July Recap: Meaningful Mommy

on August 16, 2014

I’m behind on my recap of July, but better late than never. Still my goal of this blog is to share personal stories, hope and information on how to live striving to make moments meaningful and not being caught in the false ideas of perfection and the unrealistic ideals that commercialism often portrays. We are all capable of being happy and feeling content, it just takes a certain frame of mind by living in the moment and practicing gratitude. Glennon Melton of calls them our perspectacles (Here post ‘Give me gratitude or give me debt is great’!). So here’s to another month of looking at life with new ‘perspectacles’!!

In Adventures and Travel I wrote about our month-long family trip to Croatia. We had some travel mishaps from missed planes to lost bags but we were able to hold it together as a family. We learned that our daughters seem to enjoy and adapt to travel as well as my husband I could have ever hoped. We are excited to plan our next big international trip ASAP! Check out my lessons learned from a beach in Croatia here!

In Food and Garden I wrote about our garden harvest. We are hoping to plant our fall crop soon! I need to get going!!

In living simply I posted about tips to curbing impulse buying and making the most of any purchases by taking time to ask questions about the reason behind the perceived need.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” ~Will Rogers

In mind & body health I have been posting a lot of information about mental illness especially depression and the need for emotional intelligence. I feel that if we teach children healthy coping skills for their emotions (and we practice these ourselves) we can have a more open outlook in terms of sharing and getting any help for our feelings. I feel this education will help to erase the stigma society has placed on mental illness or the lack of emphasis that is placed on mental health. July’s monthly fitness calendar was to Say good-Bye to Love Handles

"No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world." ~Robin Williams

In mommy & me I shared about my experience with jet lag and the 'office turned playroom' aka the room to hide all the toys so they aren't spread from end to end of the house. I contributed to Meredith of Perfection Pendings Manic Monday linkup about the challenge to gets kids to smile (normally) for pictures and the ‘wipe me’ stage. I also shared about my idea of bravery by saying no and the choices we have as to when to push our children to challenge themselves in a guest post for Meredith’s Bravery Series. I was very pleased to be featured on her blog. You can read the guest post and part 2 here.

“Some have been thought to be brave because they didn’t have the courage to run away”. ~Unknown

In parenting tips & tricks I wrote about kids and feelings, the need for us to teach children about emotions and how to handle them in a healthy way, about children and depression and the need for support. Parenting tips about toy clean-up and help to deal with whining.

“Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them but we can choose which ones to surf”. ~Unknown

In wordpress & writing I have continued to grow as a writer challenging myself with the weekly writing prompt offered by WordPress. I wrote a Manifesto for The need for Emotional Intelligence, a ‘pay it forward’ story based on an ‘Unforgotten Kindness’ and a ‘lost’ project found and revisited. I really enjoy these wring exercises.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and open a vein”. ~Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith

I hope that the month of July’s posts have given some food for thought and some tips that have been helpful in creating your meaningful life 🙂 ~Megan

Thoughts?? :)

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