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Goodbye Love Handles…

on August 12, 2014

August: Fitness Challenge- Oblique’s!!!

Each month I post a 30 day fitness challenge/calendar. These are filed under the side tab mind & body health. If you enter the word challenge or fitness into the search tab they different challenges should pop up. There are calendars for Abs, Arms, Legs and for August Love Handles.

These fitness challenges are just something I like to use to give me something to do mainly while I watch T.V. at night. The exercises require no equipment and during each commercial or sometimes even during my favorite kitchen shows I will do a set of simple exercises (instead of snacking). I don’t always manage to get my days allotment of exercise in, but it’s a goal to make it though a full 30 day set!!

So this months target, Love Handles aka our oblique’s. These side muscles are a hard one to work out unless they are targeted specifically. So, here is a fitness calendar for just that!

A couple of the exercises use weights (if you don’t have any hand weights you can use cans of food or water bottles filled with water as weights) and a medicine ball or basket ball (any ball will work). You can also do these exercises without anything working your way up using weights (or items from your pantry) šŸ˜‰ A yoga mat or beach towel is nice to lay out as well. These exercises are great for the commercial breaks. It’s easy to stand up and do a couple reps!

Happy Exercising!! ā¤

2 responses to “Goodbye Love Handles…

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  2. […] was Abs. June’s challengeĀ was Arms. July’s challenge was Thighs and ForĀ August, Good-Bye Love Handles! IĀ will continue to add a monthly fitness challenge, as well as helpful tips on how to look at […]

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