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i’m back…sort of

on August 10, 2014

Well we’ve returned from our vacation. Yay!! My brain hasn’t decided to cooperate yet though. I’m in a weird sort of fog where I’m not always sure exactly what day it is or even the time. Not that I always know what time it is innately, but now I will all of a sudden feel like its night-time, time for bed time and it’s 10 am. I got up at 4 am raring to go. I decided that we didn’t need an office (it was never used for that purpose, it was more of a storage for the crap I didn’t know what to do with…anyway I tore that room apart, and the dining room became a mess of office carnage, and random stuff to be banished to the attic. The living room echoes now because there isn’t much in it (now minus the toys). I am excited to go shopping for some “accent furniture”. Five hours in to my personal home decorating mania I broke down in tears realizing I was tired and it wasn’t close to being finished. This is what jet-lag feels like to me. I’ve decided I’m not to be trusted 😉
Mess 2











BTW the playroom turned out great and the girls love it 🙂 Maybe I do have great ideas at 4am….

2 responses to “i’m back…sort of

  1. Haha, jet lag… It didn’t hit me the first time I flew from Croatia to USA probably because I was overly excited but when we came from USA to Croatia all I wanted to do was sleep!

  2. susieshy45 says:

    Is that an apartment or a house ? The final result is beautiful; jet lag or not. Love your writing. I am sure your girls will love to read what you write when they can and be proud of their mommy.

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