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Vacation brain….

on July 30, 2014

I wonder if it’s possible to have too much to write about that it all becomes a jumble of nouns, verbs…adjectives connecting and running together? Or it’s just vacation brain. That’s also highly likely. We’re about 23 days in to our trip and my brain has turned to mush. I’m sure it’s the sand, the sea and the copious amounts of ice cream to blame. That and being on sensory overload with the culture, language change and 100 % of my time being spent with my family. I also miss home just a bit…

Of course that is the point of a vacation but boy is it fabulous & exhausting!! We are even sleeping with the kids, a divide and conquer method that has proven to be a great solution for insuring our children sleep but not such a great one for us. We can’t sleep. The girls are terribly wild sleepers and I’ve determined I should sign then up for modern dance or martial arts. We have bruises when we wake up in places we didn’t know were bruise-able and half the night is spend holding onto a hand or a foot to ensure the next half hour won’t end with a blackened eye.

I have the starts of so many write ups that I can’t wait to get home to start trying to organize them. The culture, the food, the islands and the beaches. All the new experiences for my daughters and how travel changed for us now that we have children. Travel tips with kids that we have figured out. Generation and cultural connections and differences. Dietary challenges in other countries, laying not with the food options but in the culture. These are just a few of the topics waiting to be taken from notes to final drafts.

This trip has opened a new door for our family that will circle around travel which we all seem to adapt to well and truly love. My daughters are already excited to plan our next big trip and have proved to be amazing travelling companions! My husband and I are thrilled! We can’t wait to see the world through their eyes.

to be continued…..



4 responses to “Vacation brain….

  1. Glad you are enjoying yourself and enjoying Croatia. However, I do feel for you and your bruised places!

  2. It’s weird but I know two people in Croatia right now! Sounds like you are having a great time! Missing your posts in my feed.

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