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Lessons learned from the beach on an island in Croatia

on July 17, 2014

Lessons learned from the beach in Croatiabeach1

1. Everybody wears a bikini, and I mean everybody and every BODY! All ages. There is no body shaming here. It’s hot, you swim. No one gives a you know what! 😉

Lesson: Don’t worry about what you look like in a swimsuit! Enjoy yourself. That is why you are at the beach and definitely more important.

2. Kids under the age of 4 swimsuits seem optional. Tops on girls under 10 seem optional (and some beaches tops are optional period). Naked kids are running around and no one cares. No impossible attempts to discretely change your toddler trying to hide them in a towel. No swim diapers ect. Kids are just kids. No one worries about it or thinks anything of it!

Lesson: Modesty has a time and place. Your kids are fine. No one is looking at them inappropriately.

3. Crocs must be the number one beach shoe. I have seen more crocs here than anywhere. On everyone. Maybe it’s the most appropriate footwear for an island where you spend 90% of your time on a beach!

Lesson: Crocs are great beach footwear.

4. Kids pee on the beach. Girls sitting on the edge just in the water, little boys stand at the waters edge and just go right there. Again no one is stressing out about it. Urine is sterile. No biggie!

Lesson: Don’t worry about this. Pee is just pee. Don’t drag your child up some tangled mass of bushes to hide them while they go.

5. People relax here. They spread out their stuff and they stay a while. No rushing, no hurriedly picnicking to speed to somewhere else. They are here to enjoy the beach and they do!

Lesson: Relax!

6. Kids talk to other kids. It doesn’t matter if they speak the same language. They still play. Smiles are universal!

Lesson: Let your kids make friends in their own way. They will figure it out.

7. Parents let kids have some freedom. No helicopter parenting here. Kids are allowed to wander. Parents and grandparents are still attentive, just not attached to the kids. They will shout out a warning if needed!

Lesson: Let go a little. Kids need to learn independence. Allow this.

8.  People help each other. A rock stairway is slippery, someone warns you and offers a hand. Your inflatable is floating away someone will stop it and hand it to you. Your shoe gets caught in the surf, someone will throw it back to the beach.

Lesson: Be helpful

9. People acknowledge each other. They smile and say Hello…in many languages. Say Hi back. Smile. Try to say Hi in the native language of where you are. People love the effort!

Lesson: Engage with the people around you. Say Hi!

10. Take your trash with you or put it in the garbage. No one leaves their trash on the beach here. No plastic, no bottles, no junk.

Lesson: Be respectful of shared spaces! Do not leave anything.

Enjoy the beach…that’s why you’re there 🙂

6 responses to “Lessons learned from the beach on an island in Croatia

  1. Hahaha, I remember the first time I took Frank to a beach in Croatia. I think he is still recovering from all the nudity he saw, and the fact that it’s kinda sorta normal here. He kept saying he doesn’t know where to look because he doesn’t want me thinking he is ogling!

  2. Nicola Young says:

    Sounds amazing. Can I come?!

  3. ana74x says:

    So true, and I’m so jealous of you right now! We haven’t been there since 2012 and I miss those pebbly beaches and those Zadar sunsets. And their behaviour on the beach can definitely teach us a thing or two.

  4. […] In Adventures and Travel I wrote about our month-long family trip to Croatia. We had some travel mishaps from missed planes to lost bags but we were able to hold it together as a family. We learned that our daughters seem to enjoy and adapt to travel as well as my husband I could have ever hoped. We are excited to plan our next big international trip ASAP! Check out my lessons learned from a beach in Croatia here! […]

  5. bgballigirn says:

    These are seriously wonderful tips, thanks for posting this.

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