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Smile for Mommy…please?

on July 14, 2014

My manic Monday post is about taking our kids pictures. How hard should it be?! A smile right? It should be a simple 1-2-3 smile! And bam! The biggest brightest smile, right?! Hmm… not so much at my house. Here is one photo session and the results…


Smile Honey,  just a quick pic for Daddy…

funny face 2

Oh Honey! Let’s try again…just a quick smile? Daddy would love to see your smiling face today! Please?

funny face 3

When we go inside for snack….Ok…well maybe we’ll try later. Inside.

funny face 1


Ok, it’s hard. Super crazy hard to get kids to smile on queue. This one’s at least closer! I’ll take it. Still not a smile really but at least I have some great blackmail pics to use for her High School graduation slide show. Will they even do those in 2029?! Oh god, just thinking about that I made those same faces!


Just to prove she will on occasion smile for mommy….

audrey smile 2

Happy Manic Monday 😉


Perfection Pending

10 responses to “Smile for Mommy…please?

  1. normaleverydaylifeblog says:

    When you’re trying to get a picture, it seems kids can never cooperate! 🙂 Family pictures are the worst for us! #manicmondays

  2. Haha, this reminds me of my husband, getting him to actually agree to have his picture taken is … well, you’d have better chance of talking a tree into speaking than him into taking a picture!

  3. I love it! When they’re young, they just don’t care. Then when they get older, they can’t wait for a camera to pop up so they can look glamorous…lol.

  4. Katie @ Pick Any Two says:

    To get a good picture of my almost-two-year-old I have to take about 100 of them!!! Ha! Thank goodness for smartphones to make it a little bit easier.

    • Megan L. says:

      Yes! Digital photography is a sanity saver! I can’t imagine I’d be laughing if I was paying for all the prints of the pics I have to take to get one good one!! 🙂

  5. Louise says:

    How old is she? My eldest went through about a year of … challenging photo times. She’s now mastered the art of smiling on command though – she’s four and a half. I wonder if it’s developmental – as babies they are totally unaware and not-self conscious so you get awesome candids. Then they work out you are taking photos and it becomes challenging for a bit – until they work out again they have the power to MAKE or BREAK the photo. My eldest is now a pleasure to photograph again. I’m curious how long this phase will last because I’m wondering if it goes in waves…

    • Megan L. says:

      She’s three. I do think it’s a developmental thing that goes in waves. She knows what I want and just doesn’t want to. She thinks it’s pretty funny. It probably doesn’t help that I laugh because those faces she makes just kill me 🙂 My daughter who is 5 loves to smile for the camera so I’m hoping my little one will follow suit soon!

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