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Travel woes and whoa’s!

on July 12, 2014

Traveling seems to have a mind of its own. You never know what wrench might be thrown in, but then will be surprised what skill that wrench helps you build. There are a few situations I considered travel woes, some of which I was terrified of happening. Many of those happened this trip but (whoa!) was I surprised what came of them!

1. Missing a flight. I was so afraid of this ever happening…but now that fear is gone. It happened. It made travel a bit more stressful there were a few quiet tears, but once we got a new plan there was no choice but to roll with it. Life is an adventure and there needs to be flexibility. We adapted and the world did not end as I had feared.

2. Sleeping in an airport. Airport sleeping was not high on my list. After finding ourselves in 4 airports at all hours of the day and night we learned to sleep wherever we could. Across benches, in chairs, the girls half in the stroller half out, on our laps, leaning against each other. There were no rules. We just did what we needed to do. All of us can now sleep wherever. Which brings me to number three.

3. Having no where to stay. I feared this scenerio. I am a planner and there would be no reason not to have a hotel reservation waiting for you. Except maybe when your travel plans have changed multiple times and a lightning storm has delayed a flight five hours, putting your arrival time in a new city and country at 3am. There were no taxis, busses or anywhere to walk to. We slept in the airport. Pulled our stroller right up to a bench put the girls in covered it. Shoved the bags we had (see number 4) under the bench, laid down and slept for a few hours until the airport cafe opened at 5:30 am.

4. Being the ones whose luggage gets ‘misplaced’. Waiting at the baggage claim at the end of our travel we didn’t have super high hopes our bag would make it. We had ended up on so many different flights and delays it didn’t surprise us when everyone had grabbed their luggage and we were left empty handed. There is still hope but until then we may just need to take a mini shopping trip. Souvenir clothes!

On this trip we learned to roll with what happens, be flexible, be grateful for what we have, make plans but know they can change, sleep where we could and not care what people thought of us , smile and move on. My kids were awesome. My husband was awesome. I even smiled and was kind of awesome too 😉

I saw my daughters just expect the unexpected. It was all part of the adventure for them. They thought it was exciting. All new and all okay. I was able to learn from them that life just happens and it all works out. Maybe not as planned, it may take more time, but a final destination will be reached eventually 🙂

6 responses to “Travel woes and whoa’s!

  1. Nicola Young says:

    How calm are you? I don’t know how I would have coped with all that stress, although I can imagine throwing myself on the floor and wailing like a toddler.

    • Megan L. says:

      I was surprisingly calm, I think more for my kids sake 🙂 I felt like we’d gone so far we just had to keep going. I would really like our luggage though. Broke down and bought us all a sundress yesterday so I could wash the one outfit we had (this girls had two since I’d packed them a change of clothes)

      • Nicola Young says:

        We went to Africa a long time ago (pre kids) and had to change at Amsterdam, where we boarded a plane but our suitcases didn’t. Luckily they came the next day, but it wasn’t very nice to have to wear the same clothes you had set off in over 24 hours earlier. Our travel insurance covered buying some things though, in the event of that happening. Hope you get sorted soon.

      • Megan L. says:

        Yes, we bought one new outfit, I had packed the girls a full set of clothes and two extra underwear, my husband and I just a second set of undergarments. I also had packed us each a swimsuit in the carry on so I was able to wash clothes then we went swimming and they were dry when we got back. But…I’m still.hoping we get our bag tomorrow!!

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