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Painting a metal file cabinet or not…

on July 8, 2014

hmm…so this weeks writing challenge was to find something leftover so I headed to my post drafts for some poking around. I came across this post which included a title and the two Url addresses above.

My project. Before I had a blog (my newest project) I had read someone’s blog about repurposing office desks and making them into cool things like sideboard tables or home bar stations ect. What blog was that?? I’ll think on that one.

I needed a project like that! I remember being so fired up. My grand idea was to take a couple legal size metal file cabinets and sand them down, spray paint them some fresh bright color, maybe add some chevron stripes, and build a top that would span them both out of a reclaimed piece of wood and then use the drawers to store my daughters art supplies. Sounds awesome right?!

I measured and I scoured Craigslist to find two file cabinets that were the same size and height. I messaged creepy used office furniture people to check inventory. I found two that matched in size.

I drove with my daughters to a neighboring town and picked up one helping the elderly man shove it into my vehicle. He looked perplexed as to why I would want it, and when I told him he looked a bit like he may want it back. He didn’t look to excited about the future defacing of what looked like might have been his law office file cabinet by me painting it a bright turquoise with yellow stripes and storing crayons and paper in it.

The second one I sent my husband to retrieve since it was in a different  neighboring town  kept in some warehouse where a man was going to meet me to help me find my desired file cabinet. Now I’m not that crazy to take my daughters or just myself somewhere like that. I even felt a little nervous sending my husband. But I really wanted that cabinet!! It was my new project and I was going to do this!! He made it there and back just fine, although he did say it was a little sketchy going into a warehouse storage for file cabinets. Hundreds of them…guess there’s a market for these 😉

Salvage Secrets!! That’s the blog. I had to look way back on my facebook feed.

Here’s her painted repurposed office desk turned awesome! See Apartment Therapy for the How To’s!!

See?! It’s great! Here’s mine…Oh wait…

file cabinet 1


Not sanded not painted…it’s been re-purposed  alright, left in my husbands shop re-purposed to hold his tools.



file cabinet 2 Same with this one. Nothing. Project fail.



According to the Url’s listed at the top I was planning on adding a metal table and a garden bench to my projects. Hmm..looks like I better stop typing and get sanding! Maybe tomorrow….

15 responses to “Painting a metal file cabinet or not…

  1. normaleverydaylifeblog says:

    Haha! I love your inspiration pictures. Projects always sound so good before I start them! I’d love to see an update if you finish it!

  2. Haha, I think we all have some of those unfinished projects laying around!

  3. Eli Pacheco says:

    That is awesome! I have a garage full of repurposed furniture looking for a breath of life. You’re inspiring me to fire up the sander and find the paint brushes. This turned out really well, you know? Very impressed.

  4. […] Meaningful Mommy Painting a metal file cabinet or not… […]

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    I hope we have some interesting articles like this in the future

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  10. Wm Byous says:

    I hope we have some interesting articles like this in the future

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