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Travel Tips: Family Friendly Luggage

on July 2, 2014

This summer our family is taking our first international trip to Croatia. We will be taking 3 airplanes, a bus and a ferry and then a car to our destination, an island in the Adriatic Sea. We will be doing this with our 3 & 5-year-old daughters. By the time we reach our final destination it will be just shy of 24 hours of total travel time!

Are we CRAZY? I’m sure of it! Are we EXCITED? Absolutely!!

Here are my Travel Tips for Luggage: *Note we will be gone for 30 days*

Pack light. Unless you are traveling to an extremely remote destination, you will be able to buy most anything you forget or choose to leave at home. It may cost a bit more but will be worth it not lugging umpteen bags through the airport, waiting to weigh and check them all in before the flights and then finding them all after landing. And no re-lugging them to your transportation for the next portion of your trip.

So don’t panic or obsess over what you MAY need…if you need it. Get it there 🙂

Chose articles of clothing that can be mixed and matched. Fabrics that can be handwashed are good options as well especially if you won’t have laundry service available.

We are checking ONE bag for the 4 of us. (We have laundry available where we are staying so we do not need to bring more than a week of clothing for each of us. Plus shoes). This bag is a large wheeled backpack. Packed to just under 50 pounds. My husband will be able to put this on his back for our walk to the bus we will catch from the airport to the ferry.Our checked bag

I will pack a wheeling carry-on size backpack and bring it onto the plane. This will have a change of clothes for my husband and I, plus toiletries and a swimsuit for each of us. Just in case our one checked bag gets lost. This will give us a day or two to hopefully have it show up or worst case buy a new outfit or two 😉 I also have some more fun activities for the girls in here. Playing cards, wiki sticks, puzzles, new markers and story cards. bag

We will also have any over the counter medications we need to bring and my daughters allergy pills and asthma inhaler, and any prescriptions with their proper labeling. All of these will be in ziplock baggies so when on the plane, if I need something I don’t have to worry about anything falling out and being lost. I will be able to carry this bag on my back when we walk to the bus. We have liquid for the nebulizer but medical liquids have a different airport security protocol depending on the medicine. We will put this in a ziplock, but it doesn’t count in the one quart bag of liquids of 3.7 oz or less each per traveler.

I will also have a snack bag packed with squeezy applesauce, yogurt smoothies pouches (all in their own zip-lock weighing under 3.7 ounces each for the liquid restrictions for air travel)fruit snacks, dried fruit, turkey jerky, nuts, granola bars…easily eaten disposable snacks. I want these available because I know that my daughters won’t be hungry when the food is served on the plane, it’s just Murphy’s law, I also can bet with pretty solid odds they will not want to eat what is served…so snacks are a must! They each also have a water bottle that we will fill one through the check in. One on the plane, unlimited requests for water and juice. The more bathroom trips the better. I want them well hydrated. I know that the one thing worse than a tired traveler is a hungry tired traveler which quickly escalates to Hangry (hungry + angry).

My husband will have his carry-on bag with the laptop (he has to work a bit while we are gone), the ipad, our camera/lenses, and my daughters nebulizer machine. He will be in charge of everything that is expensive to replace 😉 I only left one bag one time at a bus stop on an international trip…one time! Ok, I did feel really bad and I would rather not have that responsibility. We also thought since all electronics have to be taken out of the bag for check in having it all in one place would be best.

Our daughters each have their own rolling backpack to bring as their carry-on. The bags are size appropriate. It was tempting for more space to get them adult size backpacks, but then I wouldn’t be able to expect them to carry them. So, I went with the smaller ones. They actually fit everything perfectly, with room. They will each have a change of clothes, head to toe, swimsuit and extra undies just in case. Their toiletries are in a baggie. They choose one blanket and small stuffed animal for their lovey. *Our first flight is 10 hours…including the next two flights total flight time is 13 hours, including layovers we will be in a plane or airport 16 hours* They each packed a paperback book of multiple stories. They also have some surprise activities in there as well. A color on canvas bag with pens, sticker book, jewel mosaic picture, beading activity, and a notebook with pencils. These were packed only as full as they could carry. No stuffing them. I do not want anything to be more awkward than it needs to be.Both backpacks

I wanted us each to have one bag that we could wear on our backs while we were in and outside the airports. We ill be on a bus, and a ferry as well. I wanted my husband and I, as well as our girls to have our hands free to hold on to each other. Much more important that holding on to our stuff! ❤


Easy travel tips:

  • Pack light (bulky, big, heavy luggage/carry-ons are no fun!)
  • Don’t panic you can always buy what you forget
  • Roll your clothes (more will fit)
  • Pack an extra set in you carry on, just in case of delayed or lost luggage
  • Activities
  • Snacks
  • Keep it simple 🙂

5 responses to “Travel Tips: Family Friendly Luggage

  1. Louise says:

    Have a wonderful trip! It sounds like you are well prepared for travelling with young kids 🙂

  2. This post reminded me of our flight from USA to Croatia – we packed everything into one large duffel bag (courtesy of my husband’s military upbringing – boy the man can pack AND find destinations even though he only went someplace once – I lovingly call him my GPS and walking purse), one normal travel bag and three backpacks that were our carry ons. Our daughter had a very special carry-on – her blasted pink pony. You have some great tips here!

  3. A family holiday is made up of beautiful memories. It’s a special time for the whole family to relax, bond, have fun and go on an adventure. But do take the time to think about what to pack and how you’re going to pack it.

    Wholesale Escapes

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