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The ART in Arts & Crafts

on June 21, 2014

Arts and crafts 1My daughter often wants to ‘make something’…it’s her favorite idea. I was really excited about it at first. It was fun, exciting, messy. A few months ago I found myself beginning to ask her “make what?”, to which she’d say, “I don’t know but I need a lot of stuff”. I would immediately go to thinking about clean up and the mess and the time it would take. We didn’t have time to get everything out…Why was I worried about time. We had all day. If I let us…We didn’t have to go a million miles an hour. We didn’t have to take all the classes, and camps and go on every outing…did we? I would tell her she should just pick a less involved craft. Maybe a (boring pre decided) individually bagged one. Her face would fall and she’d say “nevermind…” I knew then I was doing it all wrong. We had started going too fast, doing too much. We needed to slow down. I needed to allow that to happen.

Now again, when she wants to ‘craft’ I am back to asking “what do you need”…, filling her arms with the paper, paint, glue, tape, ribbon, boxes, cartons, rocks…whatever she thinks she needs. Her face lighting up with each treasured item that she can think of. Then we set out to create. To really create. And she does. She builds houses for bugs..(not always my fav but if they stay outside it’s ok), she makes love cans as she calls them, to keep love inside of course, piggy banks to keep her money which she loves to save, paper dolls and paper shoes, jeweled and stickered and extremely stylish. She writes books for her sister, notes for me, for daddy, maps and treasures and menus…I could go on and on…Arts and crafts 2

Arts and crafts 3The art in Arts & Crafts is the creating part! The feeling of making something, not just the physical act of gluing or painting. I was letting my feelings of time take over. time is all we have. If we slow it down and make it matter. Here is to me again embracing my daughters as they craft their little heart out. Because it’s in the midst of the glitter, the glue, the paint, the sticks and even the boxes from the recycle, where you will find me. Right smack in the middle of my messy meaningful life ❤

3 responses to “The ART in Arts & Crafts

  1. I am glad to hear you are letting your daughters get creative and crafty. My mother never allowed me to do that because she didn’t want the mess. I remember coming to USA and my mother in law asked me what do I do in my free time crafts wise and I had nothing to say. My mother in law knows how to sew, she beads all the time, and I remember feeling sad that I couldn’t do anything. Now I have all these ideas but no idea how to actually make them. Since we are back living with my mother, my kids want to craft something, anything but if my mother is home that never happens because she doesn’t allow messes.

    • Megan L. says:

      That’s hard…Maybe they could craft outside…or do something not messy knit or crochet? I got to craft when I was growing up, nothing formally taught like beading or sewing but making messes none the less. 🙂 I just find that at times when I get uptight about the mess I have lost focus of the main objective which is the creative process. I just need reminders at times that the mess is temporary. Maybe if your mother was teaching them a traditional craft she wouldn’t worry about the mess as much? I’m just brainstorming 🙂 thanks for reading and your comments!

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