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How can kids make a mess that fast?

on June 17, 2014

Kid messes. I want to know how do they do it? Are kids given a class in secret about the efficiency of mess making? How to maximize the time to toy dumping ratio? Are they hard-wired? But actually, they are amazing when you think about it. I mean genius, really. If I could work that fast when I clean the house for example it would take me all of 10 minutes. My daughters have become pros at the ‘fastest mess in the west’ as I call it.

So this morning, I’m sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee. It’s 6:28am mind you. I’m barely awake having yet again been ripped from my dreams by my wide awake 5-year-old who so nicely woke her 3-year-old sister, just to come play. Awesome. Thanks…

I settled in on the couch with my coffee. My girls are playing, building an airplane, they tell me. Cool. I watch and sip. They plan and try to balance the chair, it falls and they try again and try again, re-balancing and working together.

chairs 1

They’d taken the laces from their wooden beading set and the laces from the sewing cards and tied them to their art table chairs. They figure out how to get the chair to stay. They have one chair balanced upside down sort of cantilevered by tying more laces to the other chair and weighting it down by tying more laces to a couple of toys. I’m sort of feeling like my girls are like the ones on the ad for Goldieblox ,you know the genius engineering girl block set commercial where the girls make an elaborate system of pulleys and ramps and levers…but again it is only about 7am now so my perception may be slightly altered…

chairs 2

I keep sipping my coffee taking note of how nicely they are playing. Wow! I have lucked out, they are brilliant and brilliantly playing together. Double score! I mean look at this cuteness.

Chairs 3

I decide that this morning I can probably grab a quick shower. They are smiling, happy, playing together, being creative, the picture of perfection. Ahhh….so sweet. I head upstairs. Now mind you I know not to push my luck. I drank an entire cup of coffee sitting on the couch watching them create. That is not usual. They hadn’t had any arguments about anything. Amazing. I hop in the shower making it quick. Less than 10 minutes I am out, dressed and heading back downstairs. To this.

chairs 4

They have added all the art table chairs to the ‘airplane’ all intricately laced together with many laces and many, many knots. They have filled the plane with ALL the food from their play kitchen. Filled all the spaces with blankets and all the small stuffed animals from the toy box. They have hung purses, magnifying glasses and dishes off the contraption. It is all tied together, need I mention again the many, many, many knots?

chairs 6

I shouldn’t complain. I did drink an entire cup of coffee in one sitting. I took an uninterrupted hot shower. No one is hurt or screaming. It’s 7:30am and I feel like my girls are so smart that some T.V. time is okay. They’ve already used their brains, right?

I think I’ll just sit back down with another cup of coffee and ponder how they can tie knots that fast and make a mess that quickly. I mean it’s already gone this far…might as well milk it. 🙂



Perfection Pending

18 responses to “How can kids make a mess that fast?

  1. Ha! How quickly things (children) escalate! The thought of two cups of coffee did make me drool a bit I must say 😉

    • Megan L. says:

      🙂 Yes, I never get two cups, hot and in a row. I’m usually drinking the cold half cup I find on the counter at about 3:00 😉

  2. I love the before and after shower pic! But I have to admit – your girls do seem all Goldy Box brilliant, huge mess aside. 🙂

  3. Lol that escalated quickly! It’s amazing how quickly it happens and I want to know their secret too. I think those knots would drive me to tears and I would just use the scissors on them.

  4. Katie @ Pick Any Two says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my house can go from relatively clean (defined as, I wouldn’t be TOO terribly embarrassed if my neighbor knocked on the door right now and wanted to come in) to a pig sty! Your girls are certainly clever and creative ones! 🙂

  5. The same thing goes on over here; sometimes you can’t even tell that there’s a rug buried under ALL of their toys and ALL of their books in the playroom! But, oh, the freedom while they are playing nicely together – it’s definitely worth milking 😉

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! ❤

  6. Nicola Young says:

    Did you have to clear that up?

    • Megan L. says:

      Well….they helped put away the toys much later, it sort of stayed that way all day. I worked on the knots. Took me a while 🙂 they tie a mean knot…

  7. Totally worth sitting back and relaxing again!! Like you said, they used their brains. Once in a day is enough around here. We can make super big messes quickly too. And then when it’s time to clean up….oh the tears!! Thanks for linking up!!

  8. Eli Pacheco says:

    1. Kid engineering is incredible. The things they can do with some resources. Some of it is even for good, not evil. You’re right to sit back and admire.

    2. In the time it takes a parent to shower, Rome can topple. Mountain ranges crumble. I’m just impressed you had the forethought to get that before picture. Did you have any idea what perils lay ahead?

    3. Probably the happy scene and entire cup of coffee should have been an omen. But when they happen, I think it’s worth it to know there will be a backlash. Worry about that later.

    *-Glad I found my way here thanks to Meredith’s Manic Monday linkup. And thanks for paying me a visit!

    • Megan L. says:

      1. True and absolutely…I admire often.
      2. I took the before pic because I was impressed with their ‘airplane’ building skills…see #3
      3. You’re correct! I should have known what was coming.

      *Thanks for visiting and commenting!! I’ll look forward to your Manic Monday posts 🙂

  9. normaleverydaylifeblog says:

    Messes happen with lightening speed around here, too! Clean up is much slower! #manicmondays

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