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A Letter To My husband on Father’s Day…

on June 15, 2014

Dear sweetie,

I have known you for 18 years. We have been married for almost 9.  Which you keep track of better than I do. We had our first daughter shortly after our third anniversary.  We had our second daughter two years later. You were with me for both these events. I’m sure it was slightly traumatic. I had no idea what kind of dad you would be.Daddy

You really are a great dad. I hope you know this. I probably don’t tell you enough. I imagine it is hard to be the father of girls. You didn’t have any sisters or girl cousins you grew up with. So you must be a natural because you are exactly the kind of dad they need. I should have known you would be, because you are exactly the kind of husband I need. This works out since both our girls are a bit like me…You are solid, the calm where I can be the storm. You keep your cool and keep your head. My counter balance.

holding hand dadYou balance out our daughters as well. When they are emotional you remain calm. Being firm but kind. Keeping order in what would be an unruly house full of girls (wink wink). You allow them to be free spirits while at the same time teaching responsibility. Something I am still trying to manage. You do not waver in your discipline choices standing firm sticking with what you have said. I am not so good at this. The queen of second and third chances and then often earning something back if I have had enough gumption to take it away. I am learning from you. Legoland airplane dad

Our girls love it when you take them out. They love their daddy dinner dates! They ask to go to the Children’s museum, the trampoline place and the park with you. When we are there they wish you were with us. I know you wish it too.  You take them to eat ice cream, just sitting at the marina watching the boats. They behave for you. You are so great about sending me pictures of them smiling at the camera. They want to smile for you. It’s easy to do.  🙂 We love having family time with you, playing games, watching movies, eating popcorn. You know the meaning of family togetherness.


legoland ride dad 2snowy day dad

You take them to Home Depot, Costco, always wherever you need to go. You ask them to join you. You don’t have to. I know you genuinely love their company, always. I also know you wish you could see them more. You work a lot and cherishes the time you do get not wasting a single minute! They are excited when you can  watch dance class and when you intently watch the shows they put on at home clapping and joining in if a role is assigned to you. With a smile. Always with that smile. I know you go to the Disney princesses on ice, year after year because the girls love it. You’ll do the Ugly Sweater run as a family because you understand those silly memories are important. You’ll stay home on a snow day because we may only get one a year. You’ve taught our girls about computers getting them interested in technology by making it exciting. You’ll play dress-up and hair salon. Sporting a tiara and pink barrettes,  as only a father of girls can. You share your time. They know they are important to you.ugly sweater run

You put the girls to bed reading them books and telling stories. You have always been better at that than me. You come down, smiling telling me the girls are already asleep. Yes, I’m aware you hold the house record of getting them to sleep fastest…It’s your energy. They can’t help but relax. As you lay there they talk, telling you about their day. I hear it on the monitor. You ask questions engaging with them. They love it. I know you love it! It’s really sweet. You also wake up early on the weekends and make special breakfasts. Usually pancakes, the most asked for request. FYI, you make a mean pancake!

The girls look forward to you coming home from work each day and run to the door to give you a big hug. You still throw your coat and bag down and pick them both up. Smiling. You can see the love. Our girls know they are loved by you. They will always share their hopes and dreams. I realize you have worked hard to build this relationship with them. You are the solid pillar in our family who we all hold on to. I am very proud of the father you are.

beach dad
Happy Father’s Day sweetie!

We love you ❤

Thoughts?? :)

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