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Having fun with Father’s Day cards!

on June 14, 2014

Today I sat the girls down to write their Father’s Day cards for their Daddy. I never know what to expect but they take this role as card makers very seriously. Today, I don’t know if it was the fact that it’s a full moon tonight or Friday the 13th but it was funny. F*U*N*N*Y Laugh out loud even though you shouldn’t funny. I actually bit through my lip in my attempt to not laugh out loud. I ended up failing by the end and I had to make up some lame excuse about something I had just thought of making me laugh. Busted…

Oh, my three-year old Audrey. Her turn started with her telling me daddy’s name is ‘I love you Da-Da’ because that is what she calls him. “I love you Da-Da hold me”…or ‘Make pancakes, I love you Da-Da”…it’s become her thing. Next she went on and on about his greenish-brown hair (?)and that he should have blue eyes like her but he doesn’t. (His are green) He is ‘D’ tall, because he has a D in his name. He loves bubbles, teaches her bubbles and his favorite thing to do is blow bubbles. He must be in the bubble stage, just like she is.

Oh and I’ll let you guess what the green swirls on the picture are.  Right above his magenta shoes. Audrey told me he really wishes he could have magenta shoes. I may just need to take her word on that one. She may be projecting her wishes on to him…I had to ask about the green swirls. Hovering my finger over her drawing asking her to tell me more about this part, circle, circle, circle… Are they knees?  Nope, they  are green swirly pants, which are his favorite (according to Audrey). Of course. What!? Swirly pants? I wasn’t aware he had swirly pants…hmmm….

audreys card

They go very nicely with his purple shirt. A purple shirt with pockets. Those are the squarish shapes sticking out the side and shoulder area of the body. I had to ask her. I really had no idea. I ran my finger around that part of her drawing asking her to tell me about that part too. “Pockets, Momma. He needs pockets to hold my rocks.” Well, of course he does. Duh!!

Next it was Nora’s turn. My oldest at a whopping whole hand. Yes, she is five. As she reminds me as we begin. I may have forgotten, so this is good. She tells me daddy’s name is Chris and he is 38. Both true. He is 38 feet tall, not true but I made her guess how tall he was even though she ‘hates’ guessing. She is my facts only girl. No time to mess around with fluff. Just give it to her straight, with that one. Anyway I made her guess. She told me she knows he really isn’t 38 feet tall but since I wouldn’t tell her she said she’d re-use his age since she knows that number is correctly related to him. We will also measure him on Father’s Day. That is her plan anyway.

He loves pancakes, which is true, and to let her climb all over him. Also true. He taught her to play a game on the iPad which they play together. It’s really pretty cute, them playing that game, me watching their nerdy computer togetherness. I don’t get it but they love it. It is really sweet!

But what got me inwardly rolling was her Dad drawing. She has begun to add a three-dimensional sort of aspect to her work.  She is very concerned about getting all the right parts in there. I did not want to laugh while she worked. For those of you who know my daughter know that me laughing would be the WORST thing I could do. Here is her drawing.

Nora's card

Notice anything that seems a bit off…maybe just a little odd…I’ll give you a hint, they are round and up toward the neck. See? What are they…did you guess?

If you said shoulders you are brilliant! Correct!! They are his ‘shoulders’.  If you thought anything else but shoulders you are in my camp.  I had to ask, discretely prompting Nora to tell me about the circles. Oh my, I’m still laughing. Maybe you had to be there, maybe it was her outloud running commentary about her drawing…but whew…So funny! It looks like some lovely 80’s blouse or shoulder pads? Maybe giant biceps, he has been going to the gym lately, but really? or breasts…?? Still laughing!

Here are the final products:

audreys card finished

Noras card finished




Audrey has Daddy playing on a purple playground,















where Nora has Daddy frolicking in a field of grass and flowers.









fathers day rock craft

They also made a rock craft with lots of loving help from me…Which I then sealed using clear nail polish, because that’s what you do when even though you planned the craft way ahead of time you are still last-minute and that’s what I had.

We love our Daddy!!

We love our Daddy!!

The girls cannot wait for tomorrow to give him these! I can’t wait to see his face šŸ˜‰

*Note Daddy has been prompted to not read any blog posts until tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise! šŸ˜‰

2 responses to “Having fun with Father’s Day cards!

  1. I love the rock craft! I’ve really wanted to do that with my own children!

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