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This mom pleads …keep me label free!!

on June 12, 2014

Paint kitHere’s my thoughtsviewopinion…ok I guess rant about this ‘all or nothing’ mentality I seem to be witnessing all around me. It seems that these days you are either a ‘crafty’ mom or ‘pinteresty’  or ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘hippie’ or ‘relaxed’ or ‘strict’ or ‘simple’ or ‘helicoptery’…or…get my point.?…I’ve even been buying into it. I have heard myself saying, “Oh, I wouldn’t do that because it’s just so….” and I’m  calling B.S. What’s with the boxes and the labels?! Truth be told there is no label or box that fits me perfectly and I don’t think there needs to

Free paintI am ANY of these on a given day depending on my mood, sleep, interests, requests from my kids…and more. I am ‘tired’ and ‘energized’, I am ‘lazy’ and ‘productive’, I am any variation of mood that life swings at me that day. Wait…I meant my mood swings vary with what life is handing me that day. Hmmm… still not quite right, but you get the point! There are situations that require different levels of parental attentiveness. There are days I have more to give. Days I am spent. I am NOT one type of person, or temperament, or style of  mom. tech

I have made a fruit tray look like a rainbow complete with marshmallow clouds. I have also handed my kids an unpeeled carrot straight out of the fridge, biting the end off spitting it to the dog while herding them outside in one fluid motion. I pin on pinterest and I journal in a notebook. I tweet and text and send handwritten postcards and thank you notes.

I have had my hair highlighted and toes manicured…I have also not showered for (gasp) three days. I send my kids out to use the yard as a playground complete with leaf piles and mud pies. I take them to the park to play with the rainbow-colored rainbow fruitplastic toys. We build forts in the woods, on the beach and we go to LegoLand on vacation. LegoLand

We paint rocks and canvases. We use our imaginations and pre-designed crafts from places like Kiwi crate and the craft store. My kids love to paint those plaster figurines for $1.00. I have impromptu play dates and I have sent evites for ‘special’ summer fun complete with a bouncy house. I have bought cupcakes and made gluten-free ones. I don’t discriminate. I will use all of the resources available to me and choose what feels right at that moment without ANY guilt.

poolI have been a vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, raw foodie, meat-eater and any combination of those at any given time. I do prefer organic food but I will and do eat items that are not. I’d like to grow some food for my kids to experience a garden. I also love the farmer’s market and fruit stands. We go to u-pick farms and the grocery store. I am happy that I have so many options!beach fort

I like technology, but I like turning it off too. I read my kindle and real books, oh and a good trash magazine, you know the kinds…the ones that tell lies about movie stars and spread Hollywood scandal. Yeah, those. I also like Psychology Today. I conserve energy by leaving all lights off until the last possible moment as it gets dark but love a long hot uninterrupted shower where I actually get to shave my legs. I don’t think about the environment at that moment. I use plastic bags to pick up my Saint Bernard’s poop (I mean have you seen a 146 pound dogs messes?) but I have re-usable bags for my daughters lunches. It is a clichΓ© but in my mind it’s all good…princesses with tools

digging for wormsI will give my kids the summers I had playing in the woods and swimming in the lake, going camping and on road trips, along with the summers my husband had spending most of his in Croatia and traveling Europe, to the summers we create together finding exciting new crafts and goop recipes on Pinterest, being with our friends, running barefoot and with bejeweled fancy sandals my daughter loves. We will be free and wild and probably have manicures somewhere in there too. We will be a combo of princess and wood sprite.

parkWe will read lots of books, not because of a summer booklists but just because I love books and we always have a list since there are so many we love. We will watch T.V and movies, but there will be some days we don’t because no one remembers it’s even there to turn on. We have those days now. We will do science experiments and play math games. Not because I think we have to but because we LIKE to.

plastic tunnelWe will be busy and lazy and sleep in and get up early. We will stay up late and have a scheduled bedtime. It will depend. It always depends. My life doesn’t seem to have any ultimatums. I’m open to  and we will try many new things along the way.

My point is there doesn’t need to be one way, one box to be in. Be fluid, move around, try new things, stick with the things you love. There is no wrong way to do life. Keep making mistakes and keep learning. It just has to be your way.

You get one life. Make it the one you want! I just want mine to be meaningful ❀ smiles

12 responses to “This mom pleads …keep me label free!!

  1. Cristi G. says:

    Hear hear! I’ve been thinking along these same lines for some time now!

  2. YES. A thousand times yes.
    Except the vegetarian bit. I need my meat. πŸ™‚

    • Megan L. says:

      Yay! It’s refreshing to know there are others who think we can be ‘all type of’ mom or woman we want at any given time…there doesn’t have to be a label attached. (I occasionally eat meat now…I did have a 4 year vegetarian run and a year of being a vegan)…I more wanted to show that one even move from a certain ‘way’ to another with diet. Sometimes one thing works and then it can change. πŸ™‚

  3. Nicola Young says:

    I love your honesty and I agree, there are days when you think ‘yeah, I nailed it today,’ and others that you would just like to erase and pretend they’d never happened. Sounds like you’ve got the balance just right.

    • Megan L. says:

      Thank you! Balance is hard enough without other people judging our choices. I had just been reading about giving kids a ‘real’ summer free of technology full of the outdoors, or about giving kids an ‘academic’ summer full of camps and summer school work….I just thought geez…can’t you combine all types of summer? It doesn’t have to be one or the other. πŸ™‚

  4. Flexible mum. The best kind. Great read!

  5. What a great post, Megan! Before my oldest daughter was born, I almost became obsessed about what “kind” of mother I was going to be – the crafty momma, the natural momma, the awesome scrapbook-er momma – I even looked into taking photography classes! Haha. You see, I had just discovered Pinterest at the time, all pregnant and hormonal. But after my daughter was born, I realized that the most important thing to be is me, Mom πŸ™‚

    • Megan L. says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚ Yes, I think before social media moms were just moms…they didn’t really know how or what ‘everyone else’ was doing…now we have almost input overload and can feel pressured to fit into one mold. Which for me at least added unwanted stress. I finally realized I can be all or none of what is out there, being in turn, as you put it, just me, mom! πŸ™‚

  6. […] yourself label free in regards to your parenting style! It’s all good Momma […]

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