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6 DIY Activities for Outside Summer Fun!

on June 12, 2014

6 Easy Outdoor DIY Ideas for Summer Fun!!

String Web: Take string or yarn and wind it all around your yard.. swing set, trees, patio furniture…then have the kids climb through!

Balance Beam Maze: Use boards to make a balance beam maze to follow around the yard! Easy to change the shape, add other challanges like buckets to step over.

tin can stilts: Easy, peasy!! tin cans, peel the wrapper off, use a nail and poke a hole in each side tie string or ribbon through and voila! Tin-can stilts!! Kids can paint these or add stickers for extra fun!


Hoola Hoop Hide-out: This looks awesome!! I can already picture my girls reading in these, relaxing, maybe even napping! (Well, I can dream…) Our dollar store sells hoola hoops and if you don’t have an extra old sheet, head to the Good-Will or similar second-hand shop for a cheap one. I plan to do that and buy two white ones. I’m going to let them use fabric paint and stamp the sheets to personalize their hide-outs 🙂


Hammer and Some Nails: Easy as it sounds! My girls love to just hammer…it is amazing how careful they are.

Nora hammering


Magic Ice Blocks: Fun for those hot summer days. Fill a Tupperware round or rectangle container with water, add marbles, plastic figurines and animals, shells, coins, glass jewels….then freeze! Kids can either pour water in the ice block or wait for it to melt in the sun to get to the ‘treasure’. You can also make mini ice cube treasures using your ice-cube tray and hiding small items in each one 🙂



 Have Fun!!

Thoughts?? :)

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