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6 Super Easy & Practically Free: Summer Crafts for Kids!

on June 7, 2014

Summer is here! For school age kids and their parents that means that there can never be too many ideas for how to occupy those little minds and hands (and for those like me with little ones around ALL the time, I know I’m always looking for easy craft ideas). Here are 6 activities which are easy, fun and practically FREE!!


Sensory Bottles! Empty plastic bottle, miscellaneous small objects ( beads, rings, rubber snakes, sequins…) glitter, water or oil water combo (use oil for waves) Stick objects in bottle, fill with water and/or oil, add some glitter and seal with super glue, hot glue, or duct tape. Then shake away 🙂 sensory bottles


Colorful Wax Rocks! Heat rocks in the oven or in the sun (not too hot, just warm to the touch). Color them with crayons and watch the colors swirl. Beautiful and fun! I plan to use ours to decorate our garden. I bet you could even color the rocks first and then set them in the sun if you live in a hotter climate.wax rocks


Stained Glass Candle Jars: Kid style! Reuse any glass jar by turning it into a beautiful candle holder for those outdoor summer picnics. Wash the jar and remove the label. Cut pieces of tissue paper (we use the tissue I save from gifts) into squares or shapes. Tearing it into bits works too. Paint the glass jar with liquid white glue (Elmer’s type) and stick the tissue onto the outside of the jar. If you want to make these last longer you can spray the outside with a spray fixative but it is not necessary.

  • stained glass jars


Toilet paper/Paper towel Roll Crafts! My girls love these tubes for spy glasses, instruments (they love to blow into them making noise) and we have cut out characters, people or animals from magazines and glue them to the tubes to make a version of a stand up paper doll. Last Christmas we even made a paper roll advent tree to hide the activity & treat surprises for each day leading up to Christmas! Here are 20 other ways to use these paper rollers.

advent tree


Magic Wands: My kids love sticks! I know they can be mildly dangerous but if they aren’t sharp and are used in positive creative way, they are great fun! You’ll need lots of glitter glue (we use the tubes from the dollar store) paint the stick with the glue, then add ribbons, leaves, sequins, stickers….you get the idea, and voila…MAGIC!


Egg Carton Crafts! My girls also love egg cartons. We have made flowers, caterpillars, sorting trays…They are fun to paint, color with markers, crayons, add some glitter…the sky is the limit.

egg carton







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