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A Good Mommy Day!

on June 2, 2014

Today was a good day! I feel like Wonder Woman! Amazing what some sleep can do (or a couple extra cups of coffee…) This morning I successfully got my five-year old Nora to and from preschool, fed and dressed even (I only pretended her nighty was a dress once) and she was even on time. I nicely played dolls (sometimes I want to be the purple ballerina not the red one!), built with blocks, played dress-up (the only things that fit me are scarves and hats so this one’s pretty easy), colored (in the lines mind you) and read books (on repeat) with my three-year old, Audrey. I picked up Nora, again on time. And she wasn’t even the ‘last kid’!!

Once back home, I folded a load of laundry (yet to be put away but…) and started another one. I unloaded the dishwasher, well, I had to unload the dishwasher because I needed the pan and pot that were in there. Then I made a hot lunch (since we all know that a hot lunch is better than a cold one?). Yeah, I don’t get it either, but I’m going with it! Grilled cheese and tomato soup, I’ll point out that’s two hot dishes (when I make even one I’m feeling pretty good). I helped Nora read three books during quiet time (she’s practicing her reading so three books takes a looooong time) while Audrey napped.

Nora and I also spread two tarps over the driveway for our impromptu 12 yards of wood chips delivery that was on its way with 15 min. notice. I successfully helped the delivery driver (who didn’t kill or rob me, although he never took off his sunglasses and it wasn’t really sunny…hmmm…) dump the woodchips without taking out the neighborhood phone and TV lines and I even found the checkbook, on my first look! (amazing since I’ve had this same checkbook for years because who has time to write a check once you have kids?!) I then got to work shoveling woodchips for our back yard raised beds garden project. I shoveled 37 wheelbarrow loads of woodchips (yes, this activity is doubling for my exercise time for the day) before it started to rain.

Audrey had since woken up and she and Nora were swinging on the swing set. With a popsicle (aka snack). Ah, quiet time and more coffee. I decided tonight I would make dinner.. yes, sometimes I don’t. Don’t judge. We don’t starve, we have breakfast instead. For dinner I made wild salmon, organic broccoli and pasta…ok, truth be told it was organic mac-n-cheese, organic frozen broccoli which I steamed, and wild salmon frozen patties that I cooked in the oven. Sill hot, still dinner, still organic and wild. I’m counting it as a win. It’s just all how you spin it! My girls and I finished eating and my husband came home from his extra long work day.

Like a wonderful wife (which of course I always am) I started getting dinner ready for him. I put a pan on the stove to cook his salmon patty, got distracted excitedly wanting to show him the yard progress, went outside and started spreading chips, since it wasn’t raining, only to minutes later remember the pan on the stove and racing inside to a house filled with smoke.

Oh well… Even Wonder Woman had to turn back into Diana Price…ok, I may not be Wonder Woman, but if I drink enough coffee, I can almost see a similarity…or I’m just a slightly coffee crazy mommy. 🙂

*Coffee IS addicting. I didn’t believe the hype until I became a parent. Now I see the addiction & the necessity. My parenting advice…invest in a REALLY great coffee maker. It may just save your sanity!

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6 responses to “A Good Mommy Day!

  1. I have those days too when I’m on top of it all. I feel especially proud when I get dinner in the crockpot at 10am. That is AMAZING. 🙂 Great post. Sorry about the ruined dinner though!

  2. Jessie says:

    That is a wonder woman sort of a day – way to go!

  3. Louise says:

    My world is better with coffee too 😉 We are already on our second since having kids. It was a sad day when our first machine died.

    As for your day – definitely Wonder Woman worthy. Love the picture.

    • Megan L. says:

      Ooh! I hadn’t thought about my coffee maker dying…that will be a sad day indeed! Thankfully we live near a variety of coffee shops (to get the needed first cup) and shopping where I can easily get a replacement 😉

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