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Month of May Post Recap: Meaningful mommy

on June 1, 2014

I started my meaningful mommy blog a little over a month ago and it has led me on a personal journey of leaving the false idea of a perfect life behind, to moving toward actually living a meaningful one of MY design. We all deserve to be happy living the life WE see fit.  Just as we expect people to be individuals, our lives should also be a reflection of who we are.

My hope is that this blog add some smiles, lends a hand with some support to being who you are not who someone thinks you should be, and living a content meaningful and intentional life. I know it is helping me stay focused on how to get my life on the track I am made for, which for me is a simple one.

I appreciate everyone who is reading and following along. Your support is meaningful!

Here is the month re-cap of my blogs for April/May since I just decided I would  do this ( and post it) the last day of the month. It allows me some self-reflection and helps me see where I want my path to head next. So….

In adventure and travel: We have bought our tickets for our month-long trip to Croatia. There will be future posts about:

  • Packing light (simple packing tips & tricks, when less is more)
  • What to pack for International travel
  • Travel tips for long trips with toddlers/preschoolers (We will be on a 16 hour plane journey, then 2 more small plane hops, a bus ride, a car ride and a ferry to reach our first destination). I am stockpiling proven helpful tips for keeping them happy and busy, but quiet 😉

In all about mommying I have written about the joys and struggles during my journey of being a mommy. I am constantly learning about myself and about my children. I am learning to really listen to them and create meaningful experiences. I will continue to write about our relationship as we learn and grow together.

In food & garden:

  • I built two pallet gardens ( Make sure they are NOT chemically treated in any way) I had thought that heat treating did not involve chemicals. I have found that in some processes of heat treating that is not true. Just make sure to do your research and find what makes you comfortable.
  • Taking wasted space (our side yard) and creating our multi raised garden bed outdoor space . We now spend the majority of our day in this area. The girls and I love it. They play, help tend the plants and we learn. We have pumpkins, squash, head lettuce, butter lettuce, romaine, red leaf lettuce, strawberries, raspberries, carrots, beets, broccoli, kale, potatoes, our fig tree and sunflowers.
  • Stay tuned for more posts about our garden progress and harvests.
  • How I began to waste less food. stay tuned for my post about my DIY composter.

I’m hoping to add simple recipes that taste great using real food. Food doesn’t have to be complicated. There will be Gluten Free, Yeast free, Vegetarian options included.

In living simply:

  • Minimalist practices and how I have intertwined them into our life.
  • Living with ‘only love today’.
  • Simple Relationship Guidelines
  • On Being Average and that it is okay!
  • How to help kids be ‘simply kids’
  • Any books or websites I like related to this topic

I will  continue to post about how leading a simple life can actually make it more meaningful and intentional.

In mind & body health:

  • Each month there will be a 30 day challenge. May’s challenge was Abs. June challenge is Arms.
  • How to write affirmations, positive self talk, positive self-image and mindset.
  • Healthy sleep habits and why it’s important
  • On being an introvert
  • Books I’ve read related to any of these topics

I will continue to add a monthly fitness challenge, as well as helpful tips on how to look at life with a healthier mental and physical outlook.

In need a laugh :

  • Funny and sarcastic posts that don’t really fit anywhere else. I’m sure I will continue to add some of these from time to time.

In parenting tips & tricks I post about positive Discipline and how I carry out its strategies into raising my girls. I will add a weekly tip related to this philosophy.  I will also add any great parenting advice I come across. also I will include activities that will keep kids busy, because we all know that when kids are busy there is less trouble 😉

  • Positive Parenting: The kind & firm parent,
  • 4 step apology
  • A calendar of May holidays with Activities
  • June Father’s Day craft ideas for gifts

In  quotes & inspiration I add any quotes I find that I find are meaningful or help add a positive outlook on life. These can be anything relating to my mood 🙂 I will continue to find these and add them as I find them!

So again, continued Thanks for reading! Feel free to share anything you think others would like. I hope to keep this blog growing and leading others to live a life THEY love, for themselves, full of meaningful journeys and intentional actions ❤




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