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30 day fitness challenge for June: Arms

on May 30, 2014

For May I’ve been working on my Abs with a 30 day Ab Challenge. Clink the link if you’d like to work on your Abs. I plan to continue to do the Ab exercises and add the arms.

For June I found a great site for a 30 day Arm challenge. It’s easy. 3 different exercises (push-up, mountain climber, triceps dip)…increasing the number of reps throughout the month.

Your Triceps muscle is in the back of your upper arm. What I call my ‘bye-bye wiggler’.






Push-ups will continue to strengthen your core and arms. push up pic






Mountain climbers build endurance, mountain climber

work the core and arms too.






You do not need a gym or any equipment for these exercises. They can be done while commercials play during your evening T.V. break. or when you get the chance. The link below has a 30 day challenge calendar and mobile apps to download for both android and iPhone!

June countdown 2 days: My goal is to firm my upper arms!! What’s your goal?? 🙂


7 responses to “30 day fitness challenge for June: Arms

  1. JC Hammond says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m in and will detail my progress on my wellness wizardry blog.

  2. […] (or anytime you want to). Just to re-cap in May the challenge was ABS. The Challenge for June was ARMS. Here’s to a stronger July! […]

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