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“Three dreaded words… My tummy hurts….”

on May 29, 2014

The normal midnight crawl into our bed. My five-year old snuggling in. But this time she whispers “my tummy hurts”. I assure her it’s probably just gas and she should try to go back to sleep…Barely awake myself. Her response is to sit up and violently vomit all over our duvet. Oh boy! Now I’m awake and gagging and trying to comfort her. I rudely wake up my still snoring husband to HELP ME…Groggily he carries her to the bathroom to hover over the toilet. And I am left with the pile of vomit on my bed.

I’m tempted to ignore it’s even there. We could just go to a hotel right? Hire a hazmat team to deal with it…A cleaning crew specializing in the horribleness of vomit…Oh wait. That’s one of my jobs as mommy.

But OMG, that smell…ugh…I cannot handle that smell. It is the worst! An effective form of torture would be having to endure all the rottenness of vomit for a prolonged period of time. Holding my nose I carefully strip the bed with one hand…getting the duvet downstairs where I dump the yuck into the sink. I’m gagging and crying and contemplating just taking the whole mess out and shoving it in the garbage. But I really like this bed set…it’s new and pretty…ugh…I really don’t want to clean this… I stay strong and stay the course. This is a mom mission from hell. I rinse the vomit off in the sink, gagging and spraying it with Simple Green (my absolute favorite go to cleaner for EVERYTHING) then filling the sink to soak the stinky area until the morning. Oh god, I hope it doesn’t stain or this will have been so, SO not worth what I have endured. The smell of vomit is burned into my nostrils. I can still smell it now.

I head back upstairs my late late night laundering almost done for now. I strip the rest of the sheets off our bed and change those. My daughter has since been cleaned up and tucked into her bed. I know vomit is not usually a one time event so it is highly likely this will happen again, so I head back down to get the biggest bowl we have and a towel to spread on her bed. I bring these up and we move little sister into our bed so I can lay in the twin bed next to my sweet sick girl. We spend the next 5 hours running to the bathroom or using the bowl. It’s all I can do to not spray everything with Lysol I it’s fine to spray in my mouth right?) and bathe in hand sanitizer. I would too. For reals. That’s how much vomit makes me cringe. Someone just tell me it’s safe?! No…?

With the hopeful idea of some rest I sit on her bed leaning against the wall while she sits in my lap her head leaning on my chest. This is comfortable for a little while, until both my feet fall asleep. We rearrange ourselves so she can lay down and I can rub her forehead and her back, us both almost falling asleep only to be interrupted by the getting sick part. I feel horrible for my girl. My five-year old is even saying how tired she is from being sick. Yes! I feel her pain, well, the tired part anyway. Poor little sweet! But it’s awful. It’s all I have in me to re-braid her hair, help rise her mouth, while I swallow my own vomit. I am NOT meant to be a sick maid!

At 5:00am we decide the couch might be more comfy. I bring her down and make a little couch nest. My husband hasn’t left for work quite yet, so he comforts our sickie while I head to the store to grab the necessities. You know you’ve picked the right items when the checkout girl comments that you must have a sick someone at home… Yes, I do. Is it the banana, white bread, pedialyte, applesauce, juice popsicle combo that tipped her off I wonder?

Once home I unload the wares and settle in next to my baby, my coffee in hand. Today has the potential to be along day. My three-year old will wake up soon and I’m hoping this bug does not pass itself onto her. If there is anything worse than my 5-year-old vomiting in horror, it is my three-year old doing it. She is not even a bit calm about it. She runs screaming while the bile flies out of her mouth. It scares her to death and me too when she turns into a mini exorcist. Fingers crossed! Fingers crossed!

What makes this even more horrible is the timing. Why do stomach bugs rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune times? Before a job interview, the big test, the big day, while on vacation…Tonight is my girls final rehearsal for their first ever dance show on Sunday…

*Side note* To make matters worse my washing machine broke two days ago…

*Side, side note* Day two was diarrhea…which I prefer over vomit! Yes, truth. I was happy! I probably looked crazy to my sick girl as I’m smiling saying, “oh, good, it’s just diarrhea now. So much easier”. As I practically skip to the garbage. I have no problem throwing umpteen pairs of undies away. I don’t even think about it. Just toss and move on 😉

Perfection Pending

9 responses to ““Three dreaded words… My tummy hurts….”

  1. ProteanMom says:

    Yikes – sounds like a rough day. Way to keep the kiddos hydrated, though.

    • Megan L. says:

      Yep, never a good time for anyone 😦 And yes, my biggest fear truthfully is loss of hydration. It is hard but very important to keep pushing the fluids no matter what :p

  2. I almost couldn’t read this post because I have such an aversion to vomit. In fact, I’ve been to therapy for it. But, you know what? It is so right…that it passes, and you move on. It sucks when you’re in the trenches, but it does go away eventually. It’s just one of my biggest fears as a parent. And, yes…why always at night??? I don’t get that!! Thanks for linking up.

  3. susieshy45 says:

    My husband says my daughters have over active vomiting centers. They can vomit at the word ” go’ sick or not.

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