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Only Love Today: c/o Hands Free Mama

on May 28, 2014

My bracelet came today!! I am so excited…I ordered it just a few days ago from Hands Free Mama and it was a welcomed surprise in the mail today. It is  brown leather with the words ‘only love today’ engraved into it. It’s perfect.

A perfect reminder for me to always think with love before I speak or act. I need this reminder, not always, but sometimes when I’m overwhelmed, over-tired and over-stressed. By wearing this even for the few hours this afternoon I found myself being really intentional with my words and actions. Some of us need that tangible reminder. And it just makes me happy. I look at it and smile. Like I said, it is perfect!

Part of my journey is to be more meaningful and intentional in my life. ‘Only Love Today’ spoke to me because I seem to have figured out that for me LOVE is at the core of being meaningful. I want to remember this.

Hands Free Mama is a blog that I recently stumbled upon and I love it! the author Rachel is who I’d like to be when I grow up, although I fear I may already be older by birthdays. Ok, so really I still want to be me, but I’d like to learn from her. She writes of parenting, escaping the technology of our time, and living her life ‘hands free’. I get it. I am working on living a life of MY design and engaging in less techy stuff like cell phones, texting and FB are part of it. I enjoy it, but I don’t want to live it. If that makes any sense.

It’s easy to get the feeling that we are only connected to others by our technology. Facebook has given us a real time snapshot of people’s lives. It is awesome. But it can be draining if that is how you live life. I post pics on FB for my family and friends to be able to see what we’re up to and how my daughters are growing. It gives someone like me who is not the best at reaching out to connect with people an easy way to do that. For this I am grateful. I was usually in trouble for not calling enough. Not checking in. Not sharing. It isn’t that I don’t care, it’s just the way my brain works. I seem to think of people at the most inopportune times. Late at night…middle of dinner time…too early to call. Then I make a mental note to connect when the time is better… and I forget. I get consumed by what is happening ‘right now’ and there it goes. My window of opportunity closes once again.

There are bracelets that say ‘Live Hands Free’. It is a great message too. Technology is wonderful, amazing and necessary. Just don’t let it take over. If you feel bad about how much time it takes up, then that is a sign it’s too much for you. If you feel like you may be missing ‘real life’ or you are making yourself miserable comparing your life to others snap shots on FB, then a break is warranted. Remember FB is usually the best of the best. Not the tears, arguments, spills and messy rooms. People are still human no matter what we see on FB. Perfection does not exist. If someone tells you it does they are lying.

I am excited that someone posted Hands Free Mama on FB. Without FB I wouldn’t have known about it. I can’t wait to explore and read all about her ‘revolution’ while wearing my bracelet.

hands free

And living intentionally, being meaningful and with ‘only love today’ everyday. ❤ ~Megan

Thoughts?? :)

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