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Easy Father’s Day Craft Ideas to do with Children

on May 24, 2014

Father’s Day is Sunday June 15th. At my house it’s usually at the very last-minute my daughters say they want to “make a craft for Daddy”, and then we are scrambling to pull something together from a rag-tag box of art supply leftovers. They get their “last minuteness” from me, I’m afraid, along with their penchant for crafts. I can’t say I mind. I do kind of revel in the creative panic that sets in and just going for it. Everything usually turns out just fine. BUT…I did think that this year, being my year of meaningfulness and this blog, that I would attempt to be ahead of the game and have some Father’s Day craft ideas in my back pocket, so to speak.

Here are a few I found from various sources which I tried to attach the links. Hopefully I have given credit where credit is due, since NONE of these crafts ideas are originally mine.

This Dad paperweight looks easy and fun. My girls love most any salt dough creations. The recipe we use is equal amounts salt and flour with water as needed. Start with 1 cup salt & 1 cup flour 1/2 cup water…then go from there depending on how much dough you need. If you want smoother less grainy dough use more flour and less salt. You want the dough to be a good consistency. Not too sticky and not too dry. Then it looks like you could use rocks, shells, beads, sticks…to write the message in the dough. If it’s a paper weight then shorter works would be best, but it could be a wall hanging or a desk sign which could be longer. Be creative!

Here is an example:

This next craft looks really cute. All you need is a shoe of dad’s and the a shoe of your child, and either a canvas or paper. You would want to use acrylic paint if you want to print on a canvas (most arts/craft stores such as JoAnn’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby have pre-stretched canvases) or any type of paint for a paper print which could be framed. paint the bottom of the dads shoe and print. Let this dry, then paint the child’s shoe and print inside the dads shoe print. choose colors that are a good contrast so the smaller shoe will show up inside the bigger one.

The “About Dad” printables are fun to do each year. Candidly ask your child the questions and write down their often hilarious answers. Always good for a laugh!

This is a “About Dad” printable is formatted to be a card which is really great! could be printed on cardstock to be more durable.

Download the card

I plan to do all of these with my girls since I’m planning so far ahead 😉 I will post pics after we do the crafts (although I’m warning you it might be day before the big day)… 😉

3 responses to “Easy Father’s Day Craft Ideas to do with Children

  1. Robyn Coden says:

    I love the Father’s Day rock idea!! I am totally going to do that with my kids. I never know what to get my husband. Thank you for the fun, cute and memorable idea.

  2. […] I sat the girls down to write their Father’s Day cards for their Daddy. I never know what to expect but they take this role as card makers very seriously. […]

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