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A Study in Flower Arranging

on May 24, 2014



Some pictures are worth a thousand words, and this is one. These two flower arrangements were created by  my daughters. Each one shows their individual personalities perfectly. Even more than a personality test possibly could.

Yesterday my two daughters were picking flowers in the yard. It was beautiful to watch as they worked  together  to fill their baskets. They brought the flowers inside and I asked them each to make a bouquet for our table. They each chose their vessel and set to work.

Nora's FlowersMy daughter Nora who is five chose a royal purple low rectangular dish for her arrangement. She  put the purple flowers on one end and the white on the other. Then carefully put the one reddish flower and the one lighter purple flower in the center of the brighter purple ones. Very ordered, organized and careful. One flower at a time. She took her time. Very her.

Audreys flowersMy daughter Audrey is three.  She chose a round fun bright green bowl for her arrangement. She piled the white flowers in her bowl until they cascaded over the top. Then she chose individual pops of color which she stuck randomly around in the white mound. A red one, a yellow one, a pink one, a purple…. Spinning the bowl as she placed them. One here, one there. Very free and spontaneous. Very her.

My daughters really couldn’t be more different. Excitingly, brilliantly different. People often comment on this. The lovely thing is they compliment each other wonderfully! They make me ponder the idea of nurture versus nature often. They both have exhibited their distinctly individual personalities since day one.

Maybe it has to do with their birth order. The first versus the second child. Maybe it has to do with their horoscopes. Their rising moons or elements. Maybe it has to do with genetics, the combinations of mine and my husbands, the blending of code to create a new one. Or possibly with me, my instruction, parenting, attention… All angles to ponder. All interesting studies, for another day. Today I’m just going to admire my flower arrangements and my beautifully unique individual daughters for who they are. No analyzing, no researching, just soaking them in. Enjoying that they are, no matter how or why, 100% Awesomely themselves.


Thoughts?? :)

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