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My 21 Benefits of Living Simply

on May 22, 2014

Joshua Beckers blog becoming minimalist just posted this article 21 Benefits of owning less , which I love! I’ve read it before and it is always refreshing when it pops up. I would recommend checking his list out!

Here is MY list of 21 Benefits of Living Simply.

1. I spend less time shopping and more time doing. I’d rather spend money on a class or weekend getaway than on stuff.

1. No guilty shopping trips. I’m conscious of what I buy.

2. No impulse purchases. I take my time deciding what I spend my money on. This leads to less second guessing.

3. I follow the one in one out rule. If something new comes into the house, we donate or give away something. This makes us really think about how many of something we have and whether we really need a ‘new’ one.

4. Quality is important. I now save for longer to get exactly what I want. It feels better and I am content. In the past when I settled for something other than what I really wanted I never let go of that coveted item. In the long run I end up spending more money as I keep trying to find something ‘less expensive’ I like almost as much… than if I just waited and saved for the original item.

5. I don’t feel like I need to have the newest fad or trend. I stick with original pieces that speak to me which then I never tire of.

6. My children see me modeling the “I don’t need this” attitude. I say it often, as we walk through a store. I admire some objects but express that just because I like it doesn’t mean it needs to come home with me.

7. I waste less. I finish what I buy before I buy more. Whether it’s shampoo, lotion, cereal…my daughters have become good at this. They’ll say, “after this cereal is gone next can we buy the one we had last time”. They understand that just because they don’t like the cereal they chose this time doesn’t mean we will just go buy a different one.

8. I save more money. It’s a snowball effect. I like to watch our nest egg grow.

9. I give more. I spend less so I have more to give. I realize what I have and how blessed I am. I have a couple of charities I really believe in.

10. I’m grateful. It’s amazing how grateful I am when I focus on what I have instead of thinking about what I don’t.

11. The laundry doesn’t pile up because we have less clothes to go through. I have to run a weekly load or two.

13. Cleaning takes less time and is less stressful when everything has a place.

14. We ‘do’ more. We have more money that used to be set for misc. purchases to go have fun adventures and family projects.

15. My children don’t have ‘the gimme’s’. We go to the store and my children don’t ask for ‘stuff’. If they see something they want they think about it. Save up and go through their toys to make room.

16. We’ve all learned to be more patient. In an instant gratification world this is a breath of fresh air. We realize anything great usually takes time.

17. My memories are in my heart, not my attic. Yes, I have a wedding album and my girls baby books, with a box of photos I need to put in them. I have a box of my great grandmothers china, a box of our Christmas decorations for the tree and our stockings. But most ‘things’ from my past I have been able to give away, better used to create more memories with someone else.

18. No case of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’. I don’t want a bigger home or more toys. Because I’m intentional about my choices I am very content.

19. I am living MY life. There is a wonderful sense of freedom when you know you are doing things for you.

20. I live up to my own expectations. Not the media, consumerism, or others.

21. I’m excited to see where this mindset takes us.

*Is my house spotless? Of course not. I have a 3-year-old, a 5-year-old and a 140 pound St. Bernard. We get messy, it’s just a more manageable messy. My kids still have too many toys. We are working on this. I need to find a system to deal with the birthday/Christmas abundance from our friends and family. It will take time. Do I every once in a while make a rash purchase? Yes, but not very often, and I am better at returning the item if I decide I don’t need it. And if I keep it, I find something I don’t need to give away. Although they are at times being tweaked and adapted, our minimalist systems are in place and we are happier with them. 🙂

Thoughts?? :)

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