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Why has average become such a dirty word?

on May 20, 2014

Ok people! What is the problem with being Average??? Why has it become such a dirty word? I wrote about this last week in my post I’m not intimidated by being average and tonight as I was sitting here watching Hell’s Kitchen I was insulted by a commercial by GNC about average, the voice in our head that tells us excuses along the lines of the gym being too crowded so we’d better not go, or making us set our treadmills on mediocre speeds, and that being a participant isn’t good enough. That it is ‘average’ which makes us give in and break our diet by eating one donut hole and gives us all our excuses about our few extra pounds we need to lose. Average, the devil of all devils that sits on our shoulder or in our minds consistently ruining the lives of most of us. And it’s this stigma that has me fired up!

I am average. Smart but not brilliant. I graduated with presidential honors from my alma mater with my BA in education. A GPA of 3.98. This is still average. I am no Steven Hawkings or Steve Jobs. Wealthy in the sense that I have what I need but not one Forbes 100 richest. Loved but not famous. I can sing my daughters to sleep or rock out in the car, but will never record a platinum album. I can dance but my stage is in my kitchen while I make dinner with my kids. Being average keeps me sane. I was not meant for any fast paced, high-powered life. But I will tell you, average does not make me break any diet goals. That might be stress, will-power issues, or humanness. This average mom ran last years New York marathon. Not professionally, not even very fast. I ran for a charity team and to have a good time. It was literally one of the best days of my life. But I am still average. I do miss a workout. Average is not the cause of this. Again, usually stress, being over tired after being up all night with a sick daughter is the culprit. That darn humanness….causing all sorts of mayhem!

Ok, let me break it down a bit, maybe I’m missing the mark. Totally possible if I’m buying into my averageness…(insert sarcasm here!) The definition of av·er·age noun \ˈa-v(ə-)rij\

: a number that is calculated by adding quantities together and then dividing the total by the number of quantities (cite)

*(Ah, so if I add all my quantities together and then divide them by that total number of quantities I get my average. I’m going to calculate my quantities of self-worth. My charitable acts, love, respect, my stewardship of being conscious of my carbon footprint and helping the planet and my fellow humans. Then I’m going to divide that by 7 and I get my average of pretty darn ok!)

: a level that is typical of a group, class, or series : a middle point between extremes (cite)

*(Let me look at this one. Does this definition apply to me? Absolutely. I have never been one known for extremism. That middle point is a perfectly acceptable place to be.)

I also found that average can mean “An intermediate level or degree (noun)”, “Being intermediate between extremes, as on a scale (adj)”, and “To distribute proportionately, as over a period of time (verb).” (cite)

Nice, so an intermediate level, check. Between extremes, check. To distribute proportionately over time, sure. Nothing bad there. No mention of average being some horrible life compromise of excuses and failure.

There are many definitions of average. In mathematics, medicine, statistics, sports, science, law, business…There is no definition of average related to the worth of a person. I even looked up definition of an average person and this is what came up. The Wikipedia definition of Normality (behavior). “Normality (also known as normalcy) is the state of being normal. Behaviour can be normal for an individual (intrapersonal normality) when it is consistent with the most common behaviour for that person. Normal is also used to describe when someone’s behaviour conforms to the most common behaviour in society (known as conforming to the norm). Definitions of normality vary by person, time, place, and situation – it changes along with changing societal standards and norms. Normal behaviour is often only recognized in contrast to abnormality. In its simplest form, normality is seen as good while abnormality is seen as bad.[1] Someone being seen as “normal” or “not normal” can have social ramifications, including being included, excluded or stigmatized by larger society.” (cite). Oh, so average means a normal person…makes sense. Yep, I’m pretty normal. Is that bad?

So even if the use of the word average is being confused with the word normal, there is still no mention of it meaning you suck or don’t try or aren’t reaching your full potential. Or that we need to step it up in any way. So please don’t worry if you feel average. If there is an area in your life you want to excel at, figure out the steps and go for it! The comparison of ourselves to others needs to stop. We all have a different level of best. When you are performing at your best, or happiest, or simplest, or free-est, or whatever it is that makes you content then you are living YOUR life. If you miss the gym, or have a diet slip, or miss reaching a goal, or whatever, then you just try again. It is called being human.

This negative idea of being average is a joke. Who decides what makes someone great? Or Average? (Or Normal?) If I don’t want to be a superstar does that mean I settled for average, that I didn’t push myself hard enough or far enough? if I am not a pro athlete, or a high-powered career person does that mean I just gave in? No!! Not for one single minute! I have MY dream life. I have a loving family, beautiful children and a caring spouse. I have a home filled with love and respect and a place to call my own. I can travel and have adventures right in my backyard and am content with both. I try hard and help others and get more from giving than getting. Am I average, yes, absolutely. Can I grow as a person? Sure, we all can. There are millions like me everywhere. Am I proud about that? You bet! So to everyone who is trying to give average a bad name, STOP putting your ideals of success onto others and just worry about yourself. If you aren’t content, go chase your own dreams. Most of us are already living ours ❤

Thoughts?? :)

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