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Stepping outside…

on May 20, 2014

viewAs I step outside I take a deep breath, ah…the evening spring breeze is blowing just nippy enough to need a light sweater but perfect for kite flying. Our golden chain tree has beautiful long strings of bright yellow flowers and the rhododendrons and azaleas are a bright pastel rainbow along the fence. goldenThe bay more blue than gray now with the Pacific Northwest sun shining, finally. Who knows how long until the next rain. It’s still the wet season here, not fully summer until late July. Well, here in our corner of Washington there is always the chance of rain. My eyes scan the horizon. Sailboats, one, two, three…wow, seven of them tack back and forth heading to set anchor near either Hat or Whidbey islands within sight. Or possibly they were just out for the day soon to dock back at the nearby marina. They look so small next to the jumbo container ship that is waiting its turn to pull into one of the only natural deep water ports. The enormous cranes painted blue to help blend in with the sky. I hear music, blues, an acoustic guitar and a woman’s voice, rich and warm coming from the yellow house across the gully. A new family moved in a couple of weeks ago and this intriguing music must have come with them. I should wander over to say hello…this voice is a stark contrast to the harsh intercom bursts from the Navy’s aircraft carrier The USS Nimitz. nimitzI wonder what the sailors lives are like when they are out to sea and even tear up thinking about when the ship returns with all the men and women lined up on the deck in full uniform. Their loved ones finally in their arms. My neighbor Bill is barbecuing, the smoky aroma reminding me of camping. I wonder what adventures our family will have this season. Barbeques and fire pits. Dan’s new rooftop solar panels are catching the last of the suns rays. I never took our lumber store owning neighbor for Earth conscious, although I should have by the tender care he gives his tomato plants. Janice is watering her garden, reminding me I should do the same. She always seems to know tricks like watering in the evening. I learn from her without her knowledge. Two little brown and white bunnies skipping across the grass to the faint beat of the music, heading to their burrow in the blackberry wilds of the gully. They hop around my now sleeping daughters toys scattered across the yard. Another sign of the warmer spring weather. Earlier bed times prompted by all day outside play. Ah, there’s that lovely voice again bringing me back from my minds wanderings…The sun has almost set now and my thoughts again have side tracked me. I’d meant to step off my porch for a neighborhood walk about. Oh well, next time.sunset

6 responses to “Stepping outside…

  1. Lorianne says:

    I’d never heard of golden chain trees, but now I’ve Googled them and wish we had them here in the east. They look beautiful!

  2. […] Meaningful Mommy Stepping outside… […]

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