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Price tag, Skin tag, or More Tag.

on May 19, 2014

Oh blogging! The new realm I’ve found myself in. It’s an enormous space filled with some of the most creativity I’ve seen in a while. Albeit I have been staying home with my 2 daughters for the last 5 years so admittedly adult creativity has not been in the forefront of my typical day.

This last month I have found myself immersed in this world. I have found that Blogging is like a choose your own adventure that I can escape to at will (really when my daughters are napping but…) So many varying genres and topics, from writers, artists, photographers, mommies, educators, survivors, philosophers…People to follow and like, press, & share. There are so many blogging channels to explore it’s easy to get lost and side tracked. It’s a place where time can stand still or move at the speed of light. Sometimes I feel like a fun adventure, choosing to read something light just for laughs, or maybe I find a new artist to follow whose work is simply magical. Other times I end up on an adventure that gets my brain really thinking, an accidental educational journey, which is what happened today!

Today I started out innocently enough looking for writing communities to join so I could find some blog followers. Then I made a left turn and found myself on a blog event listing page where I scrolled a bit before turning right into WordPress “Leave ‘Em Wanting More” My adventure had begun!! A new blogging avenue I had never explored before. I love to read the Freshly Pressed feature of WordPress. This is where most of my adventures begin. I have seen many DPchallenge posts and I have wondered what they were. Well, on todays adventure I found out the answer to that question plus much more! Todays Daily Prompt Challenge (see DP = Daily Prompt) was to use a fun WP (WP=Word Press) feature the More Tag! Like a price tag or a skin tag they are there to ‘hook’ you. A price tag can hook you with a great deal and reel in a sale and a skin tag, well those hook you in a more uncomfortable way and are likely to be removed, so not the best analogy there. My bad. Anyway the More Tag is wonderful non-painful way to engage your reader and leave them wanting or searching for more. Setting your posts ‘hook’ so to speak. I know, cool right! I tried this feature out here and it is so easy to do. WP has detailed instructions on how to successfully incorporate them into your writing pieces.
This was a new thing for me to write to a prompt. I’ve had fun and I think I may have found a standing Monday night date with WordPress 😉 A Mom can never have too many date nights…

2 responses to “Price tag, Skin tag, or More Tag.

  1. Megan L. says:

    God, this just shows how new to this I am! This was a WordPress blog prompt from Aug. 2013! I was on an old site. 😦 Oh, well…it’s all practice right!

  2. Helpfull information.Fortunate mme I discovered your website accidentally, and I’mshocked why this coincidence didn’t happened earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

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