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The beauty of a daughter and a kite…

on May 17, 2014

kiteMy daughter has discovered kite flying and it’s beautiful. Her face, a mix of concentration and amazement, I could watch her for hours. As the kite soars I see her spirit soar with it. Her words to me, ” Momma, it’s like kind of like being able to fly”. I agree.

I remember one of my family kite flying experience in Birch Bay when I was about her age. My dad loved kites and we had a few cool ones. One kite I remember loving most had about 9 smaller kites all hooked together. I have vivid memories of my job to stack all the kites on top of each other and my dad being in charge of the spool, letting the line out. When the time was perfect I would let each kite go. One at a time.

It would soar to its place below the one above it until all the kites in a rainbow of colors were stretched out across the sky. Then my dad would handover the spool. I remember hanging onto that so tightly, feeling the power of the wind as the kite dipped and pulled, feeling like maybe, just maybe I would be lifted off the ground to fly with it. Watching my daughter learn to fly a kite with her daddy brought back these childhood memories. I hadn’t thought about my families kite flying days in a longtime. Those were happy times outside, wind in our hair watching magic take place.

On this beautiful day Nora was determined to fly that kite by herself. Using a great burst of speed she ran into the wind, getting the kite to lift off the ground. Then little by little letting the string unspool, sending the kite higher and higher. Then reeling the kite back to the ground only to repeat the process. She practiced so much there actually was a cut on her finger from the string pulling across it as it unwound. She just asked for a Band-Aid, determined it made even a better resting place for the string and headed back outside. This is nothing unusual for Nora, the same girl who came inside from finally being able to pump herself on the swing with blisters on both palms from her effort. She has determination. No doubt about that! 150%!

That determination is a trait that I hope will carry her through any trials in her life and be the fuel to many successes. She does not give up! Some days I call it stubbornness, but even those days I’m equally frustrated and pleased. She got that kite to go higher and higher and her excitement rose with each foot that line when out. “Watch Momma!! I’m doing it! Look!!” Her smile said it all. kite2

I know that this is just the beginning of our families kite adventures and of me watching in joy as my daughter accomplishes something she has set her mind on doing!

Thoughts?? :)

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