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How to build Wooden Garden Bed For FREE!

on May 14, 2014

Building a wooden raised garden bed can cost some $ and takes time and tools. Here is an almost free, really fast and easy way to make a wooden garden bed.


What you will need:

  • Pallet
  • soil
  • plant
  • garden fabric (or plastic bag, newspaper, cardboard)
  • stapler


Find a pallet. Free wood!! These are easy to find outside most any stores. I have found grocery stores to be the best. Now the hard part may be getting this home…be creative 🙂

Once the pallet is home, take it to where you want your garden bed to be. Now if the slats are close together you may not need garden paper if you don’t mind a little dirt spilling through. I used garden fabric under mind, because I had some. Use this is you do not want the soil to fall though the slats. (You could also put cardboard or newspaper under it. This will start to decompose after a little while but that will just add to the soil).

Lay whatever you are going to use down in the area you want your garden. Then set the pallet slat side down on top. The back of the pallet facing up should not have the slats but 4 open spaces. Now, two sides of the pallet are open. I stapled ( using a regular office stapler) the garden fabric up from the piece I had laid the pallet on. Wrapping the sides up sort of like wrapping a gift. I imaging you could staple plastic bags across the ends or a piece of wood to close the ends. You could even leave it open. Some soil may fall out, but I left my lettuce pallet garden laying down and one end is open and it seems to be doing just fine.

pallet bed

Then fill each section with soil and plant your plant. We planted squash. The starts were given to us from our neighbor. You would be surprised who has free plant starts they are thinning out and will be very happy to hand off to you. The plant will grow in the pallet bed and the vines and leaves will spread out over the ground.

You can plant anything!!

pallet squash

4 responses to “How to build Wooden Garden Bed For FREE!

  1. vjcollins says:

    This is fab! I did a similar thing but used it vertically for flower planting (

    My only question would be how safe is it to grow food in a pallet, as they are usually chemically treated? x

  2. cdeveraux says:

    I’m interested to see how your squash turned out in the pallet. I didn’t see an update on your other pics. You’re the only one I’ve found online who has done their pallet ‘open side up’. I’ve been wanting to do it but couldn’t find any feed back or even mention of it until now. I’m betting it looks awesome. I have limited space in my garden area, but have a section I can place a pallet (and it actually helps hold an end side of my frame, for the bed next to it, in place) and do this with my own squash plants. I planted about a month late to begin with and the plants are in containers, in the ground, and haven’t rooted out through the bottoms (which I cut off prior to placing in the ground so their roots ‘could’ go further down) and covered the couple of inches left above ground in a mound of dirt and mulch. The only problem is – they’re way to close to everything else and they will overrun my garden and drown out the other plants that need full sun. So, glad to see your sample and would love to see more pics of how it turned out. You have a beautiful garden; and your little helper is adorable! 🙂

  3. cdeveraux says:

    I should clarify – I didn’t cut off the ‘roots’ of my plants, I cut off the bottoms of the containers. And covered/surrounded the couple of inches of container sticking out of the ground in a mound of dirt & mulch.

    • Megan L. says:

      Thanks for your comments 🙂 I actually transplanted those squash plants to another bed, but did end up replanting pumpkins into that pallet and they are growing quite nicely. I will post a picture soon (hopefully). We were on a trip for the last month so I haven’t been updating. I posted a while ago about y pallet garden with lettuce and strawberries. I was planning on standing it up but never did and everything grew beautifully! I had a reader ask about chemical residue from the pallets and I had read some contradictory info about heat treated pallets (I thought they were not chemically treated)…I can’t seem to find a clear answer. What did you find out in info about which type is best?

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