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On Having A Positive Attitude…Changing a Mindset

on May 12, 2014

On having a Positive State of Mind.

A Positive State of Mind is a mental choice that is consciously made day by day, situation by situation that creates a positive attitude. Saying to yourself “How can I look at this as a glass half full?” Be persistent with this. It is NOT a one time thing…The good news is it will become easier:

Positive self talk is wonderful way to intentionally shift our thinking from the negative to the positive. This works by taking the negative out thus eliminating the negative mind chatter.

One way is by erasing the can’t, won’t, never and changing the if’s and but’s… etcetera…

This, “I won’t ever be happy”, is simply changed to “I will be happy”.

This, “I can’t understand why I feel this way”, becomes “I can understand why I feel this way”. Then taking the small steps to figure it out.

This, “I’ll never get this done”, becomes “I will get this done.” Then take the time needed. Often our rushed mindset expects us to instantly accomplish what realistically takes time. There are no quick fixes.

“If I could just….” becomes “when I…..” and we add any but’s to just give ourselves an automatic out.  Think this, “There are no and’s, if’s or but’s about it” when you are looking at any situation.

Next you can create a positive state of mind by looking at the bright side of the situation. Decide to see life as the glass half full. There is always something that could be worse. The old saying “someone is happy with less than you have” (~Unknown) falls true. Be that person. Think about what you do have, or what went right, or how you were successful. Even if it was just a small part of what you were trying to accomplish. Focus on that. The negative is not the focus.

Don’t get caught in the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s…move on!! Learn from any mistakes or mishaps and just try again. Wallowing in what might have been is never going to get us to where we want to be. Just say to yourself, “It is what it is”, and move to the next positive step.

Also AVOID ‘the big picture syndrome’. This is what I call it when I get so overwhelmed by something that I don’t even start. When I break it down to small do-able steps, I find that I actually am at that end goal before to long. It’s amazing. Conquering things bit by bit. Remember all the parts create the whole. All actions take a series of smaller steps.

I wrote yesterday about being a ‘half full mom’. I hope to , I mean I plan to, I mean I WILL change my mommy mindset 🙂




*When I was in gymnastics (ages ago) across the wall in giant letters were the words, “I Can’t Believe I Said I Can’t. Can’t Means Won’t And Won’t Means Push-ups”. I am going to add this to my positive mental sayings. When I find the Can’ts sneaking in, looks like I’ll be dropping down and giving myself 20! (Well, maybe 10 or 5)…

2 responses to “On Having A Positive Attitude…Changing a Mindset

  1. petcorps says:

    Great post! I’m going to share this with my wife because I think it will lift her up. Keep it up!

    • Megan L. says:

      Thank you! This is something I need to make a conscious effort remember. I tell myself, it’s all in how we spin things. We can make anything sound horrible or wonderful with our choice of words. I need to remind myself of this daily…. 🙂

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