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My Meaningful Mommy Mother’s Day Musings

on May 10, 2014

Pre-Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

Sound presumptuous, I know , but here are my thoughts. We moms spend Mother’s Day hoping for a great day of celebration. Big expectations. Anticipating what surprises may await us. But here is the thing. The ones we are counting on, possibly husbands and definitely our children do not know what it IS to be a mother. They love us, yes, but they are husbands and children. There is no comparison of our roles. All important but very different.

Here is my proposal. Mothers need to celebrate themselves. We have an awesome job, it’s awesomely rewarding, stressful, and often without acknowledgement. We are self rewarded when we feel we have done a job well done, and we reprimand ourselves when we feel we have failed. We revel in our successes, often alone, and we cry after failures, also often alone.

We need to give ourselves some Mother’s Day love, self-love. We have a beautifully hard job. We are paid with smiles, hugs and sometimes tears. We take the good with the bad and the happy with the sad. Who am I kidding, we see every emotion imaginable in the course of a day, sometimes the usual emotions are combined making new ones. Usually they are all amplified. We give selflessly and whole heartedly believing that this is the greatest and most important thing we will ever do.

So this Mother’s Day, please don’t gauge your worth on any external gift. Remember you are the only one who knows what it means to you to do what you do. Every hour of every day. Please give yourself a beautiful compliment for a job well done. As for any Mother’s Day extras, they’re just icing on the cake 🙂






One response to “My Meaningful Mommy Mother’s Day Musings

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